Catching Nelma on spinning: fly fishing tackle and places for catching fish


How to catch nelma (white salmon): fishing methods, tackle, habitats and baits

The double name of the fish is conditionally associated with habitats. Nelma is a form of fish living in the Arctic Ocean basin, white fish – a fish living in the Caspian Sea basin. Due to the large range, there may be some differences in the features of existence and biology. Southern forms grow somewhat faster. Nelma can reach a size of 40 kg, the whitefish is characterized by more modest sizes of about 20 kg. Compared to other whitefish, it grows quite quickly. According to the way of life, the fish belongs to semi-anadromous species.

Ways to catch white salmon

Hunting for this fish may differ in different regions, both in terms of gear and fishing season. White salmon-Nelma is caught on various gear, but amateur species include spinning, fly fishing, float fishing rod, trolling or track.

Catching nelma-white salmon on spinning

Fishing nelma in the rivers of Siberia may require some experience and patience. All experienced anglers say that it is very important to determine the place of fishing. In addition, the fish are very cautious and picky about baits. As always, it is worth noting that catching large fish requires reliable gear. When fishing nelma, it is necessary to use only certain baits. Nelma – the whitefish feeds on young fish, wobblers and spinners should be small in size. Therefore, spinning tests should correspond to baits, preferably up to 10-15 grams. It is better to choose a medium or medium-fast action of the rod, which implies a longer casting and comfortable playing of lively fish. The length of the rod should fully correspond to the scale of the river and the fishing conditions.

Fly fishing for nelma

Nelma responds well to fly fishing lures. Basically, these are small individuals. The choice of gear depends on the angler, but it is worth considering that the best results in catching nelma will be with fly fishers who can make long casts. Gear 5-6 class can be considered optimal. Perhaps the use of long-bodied cords with the most delicate presentation.

Catching nelma – white salmon on other gear

Large specimens of the white fish respond best to natural baits, especially live bait and dead fish bait. For this, spinning rods or for “long casting” are excellent. At a certain time, the fish bites well on float gear with a bait made of a worm, a bunch of bloodworms or maggots. And yet, for sport fishing of large Caspian whitefish, the use of live bait or tackle with a fish can be considered the most catchy way.


For spinning fishing, spinning lures weighing 7-14 grams, with a petal No. 3-4 in the Blue Fox or Mepps classification, will be optimal. As a rule, spinningists use the colors of the spinners, corresponding to the color of the fish living in the river. Lures suitable for the size of local invertebrates, both dry flies and nymphs, are suitable for fly fishing. The nutrition of a medium-sized growing nelma – the white fish is similar to other whitefish, so fishing with small fly fishing lures is quite relevant.

Places of fishing and habitat

Nelma inhabits rivers draining into the Arctic Ocean from the White Sea to Anadyr. In North America, it is found up to the Mackenzie and Yukon rivers. In lakes and reservoirs it can form sedentary forms. The Caspian whitefish enters the rivers of the Volga basin up to the Urals. Sometimes the whitefish spawns in the Terek River.


The Caspian form – the white fish matures earlier, at the age of 4-6 years. Fish begin to rise from the Caspian at the end of summer. Spawning in October – November. Due to the fact that the hydrographic conditions near the Volga have changed, the spawning grounds of the white salmon have also changed. Spawning grounds for fish are arranged on a sandy – rocky bottom in places where the springs exit with a water temperature of 2-40C. The fecundity of the fish is high, during its life the white fish spawns several times, but not every year. Nelma differs in that it matures only by 8-10 years. Fish begin to rise into the rivers immediately after the ice drift. Spawning takes place in September. As well as the Caspian white salmon, nelma does not spawn annually. Nelma often forms residential forms that do not go to sea for fattening. 

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