Catching goldfish: methods and gear for catching goldfish


Fishing for golden carp: where it is found, what gear and baits are suitable

A very common fish in Russia. The size of fish in Russian reservoirs is usually no more than 600 gr. Due to unfavorable living conditions, it often turns into a dwarf form. A closely related species with silver carp, can form hybrid forms. Allocate a separate subspecies – the Yakut crucian.

Ways to catch carp

Golden crucian is a less common species among crucians. There are many ways to catch it. The most popular can be considered a donkey feeder, float gear, winter and summer jig.

Catching carp on feeder gear

Carp can be caught on the simplest gear, but when fishing from the bottom, you should give preference to the feeder. These are “bottom” rigs, most often using feeders. Feeder and picker are convenient for most, even inexperienced anglers. They allow the fisherman to be quite mobile on the pond, and thanks to the possibility of point feeding, quickly “collect” fish in a given place. Feeder and picker, as separate types of equipment, currently differ only in the length of the rod. The basis is the presence of a bait container-sinker (feeder) and interchangeable tips on the rod. The tops change depending on the fishing conditions and the weight of the feeder used. Nozzles for fishing can be any: both vegetable and animal, including pastes. This method of fishing is available to everyone. Tackle is not demanding for additional accessories and specialized equipment. This allows you to fish in almost any water bodies. It is worth paying attention to the choice of feeders in shape and size, as well as bait mixtures. This is due to the conditions of the reservoir (river, pond, etc.) and the food preferences of local fish.

Catching carp on a float rod

For several centuries, numerous articles have been published with recommendations for catching this fish. As before, the float rod remains the most popular equipment for catching this fish. The main criteria for choosing gear are related to the desires of the angler and a particular reservoir. Due to the lifestyle of crucian carp and fishing conditions, anglers have problems in catching (frequent loss of equipment). This is due to the fact that sometimes the fish become “very capricious”, and the fishermen try to get out of the situation by making the gear as thin and accurate as possible. The problem has no specific solution. In different conditions, you need to approach, based on the need and capabilities of the fish. One thing can be said with certainty that in the case of fishing in reservoirs with difficult terrain and fishing conditions, it is better to use gear that can be described as reliable. When catching many carp fish, the basis of successful fishing is attachment, bait and bait. Carp in this case is no exception. The second factor in successful fishing is the choice of time and place of fishing. The most accurate information on a particular water body can be given either by local fishermen or fishery owners.

Catching carp with other gear

Carp can be caught in a variety of ways. Starting from traditional “donoks”, “snacks”, “rubber bands” and other things to complex ones – fly fishing. The fish stubbornly resists, which gives a lot of pleasure to the angler. Crucian responds well to non-baited jigging rods both in winter and summer gear. In most crucian ponds, fish are caught from ice at the beginning and at the end of winter.


Bait, bait, nozzle – this is the most important thing that an angler should take into account for successful catching crucian carp. To attract fish, you can use both homemade products and specialized products from fishing stores. When preparing for fishing in an unfamiliar body of water, it is worth checking with experts about local fish preferences. Universal attachments for crucian carp are worm, bloodworm, maggot. In the summer, at the time of warm water, crucian carp responds better to vegetable baits, cereals, bread, and the like.

Places of fishing and habitat

A very wide habitat. Golden carp lives in most of Eurasia, the fish is widespread, but it is a less widespread species in comparison with silver carp. Golden carp is a resident of medium-sized lakes, ponds and oxbow lakes. Carp tends to places with aquatic vegetation. The fish is even more unpretentious to the oxygen regime of the reservoir than silver carp, so it can be caught much more often in small swamps and overgrown lakes. Golden crucian leads a benthic lifestyle. It rarely enters open areas in search of invertebrates and their larvae.


It becomes sexually mature at 2-4 years. Silver carp is a fast growing, actively spreading species. Some ecological groups of this species do not have males. The fertilization of eggs in such flocks is carried out by other cyprinids. Spawning takes place in May-June. Most females spawn in batches. Spawning is noisy, usually at shallow depths in coastal vegetation. During spawning, the fish does not stop eating, and most importantly, in the intervals between spawners, crucian actively peck.

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