Capelin is a small fish, but its properties are not inferior to its larger counterparts. In addition to useful components characteristic of sea fish, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, capelin contains unique substances: vitamins PP and B2, potassium.

100 grams of this fish provides a daily requirement of iodine, selenium, and chromium – an important element that reduces the sensitivity of cells to insulin and reduces cravings for sweets. Also, capelin is in the top three among fish in terms of phosphorus content, which, in particular, strengthens bones and tooth enamel.

The main advantage of capelin is that it is a wild sea fish that does not grow in aquaculture conditions using “chemistry,” which means that it is absolutely harmless to health. The use of this fish is useful in any form and quantity: although the sea product has a high-calorie content, it distinguishes by its ability to speed up metabolism.


Capelin composition

However, smoked capelin is also capable of causing harm, because smoking does not destroy the most dangerous distributors of infections in raw fish. In addition, smoked capelin produces carcinogenic substances due to chemical seasonings and smoke. It is also not recommended to eat capelin with its head, fins, and bones, as they accumulate the maximum amount of harmful substances. In addition, you should only buy capelin in specialized stores.

  • Calorie content: 1163 kcal.
  • Energy value of the capelin:
  • Proteins: 13.1 g.
  • Fat: 7.1 g.
  • Carbohydrates: 0 g.
  • Description

Capelin is one of the most popular types of fish in our time. People like it very much, especially due to the fact that the price of this delicacy is relatively low, which allows different segments of the population to buy it.

Such a fish lives only in the seas. It is impossible to find it in freshwaters. The main habitat is the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, as well as the seas adjacent to them. The size of capelin most often does not exceed 25 centimeters, and the average weight is about 70 grams.

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Capelin taste qualities

The taste qualities of such a fish were to the taste of all the peoples of the world, especially the Japanese. They consider capelin to be one of the main ingredients of their daily diet. In addition, in Japan you can find capelin in all sorts of variations: frozen, fresh frozen, fresh, fried, dried, and canned.

Benefits and harms of capelin



Capelin, like any other food, is quite capable of causing harm as well as benefit. Any seafood in reasonable quantities has a very beneficial effect on our body because it contains many elements necessary for the average person.

This fish contains many proteins that are very easily absorbed by our body, and due to the small number of connective tissues, this fish also easily excretes from the body.

As for the vitamin composition, capelin is quite capable of giving odds to any type of meat since it contains a large amount of vitamins A, D, C, as well as group B. Besides, the fish contains omega fatty acids that help the body to get rid of bad cholesterol. Also, this food contains many trace elements such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, bromine, iodine, iron, and many others.

After getting these components, our body begins to work more productively, which has a positive effect on our well-being and helps our immune system to work without interruptions. And this is the basis for a good defense of the body against viruses and pathogenic microbes.
Doctors highly recommend including capelin in the daily diet for people who have diabetes.

Due to its unique composition, when consumed regularly, this fish can significantly lower blood sugar levels and improve the amount of insulin produced by the body. The consumption of such fish has a positive effect on the thyroid gland, helping a person get rid of problems with it.

And there is also an opinion that capelin in reasonable quantities can even prevent the appearance of cancer cells.



As for the harm that capelin can cause, we should note that smoked fish can cause the greatest health problems. The fact is that smoking does not destroy the most dangerous distributors of infections that are contained in raw fish. Besides, carcinogenic substances begin to be produced in smoked capelin. If there are too many of them in the body, they can provoke the appearance of cancer cells.

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As for capelin prepared in any other way, it can cause harm only in one case: if a person is allergic to seafood, fish, or all together.

Here are some facts on how to choose capelin:

  • If you buy frozen capelin, it is best to choose fish not by weight but in packages. It may be a little more expensive, but there you can see the expiration date and the date they froze the fish.
  • Fresh frozen fish always have black pupils. Not red, not cloudy, but only black. Pay attention to this, and if there is too much ice on the eyes of the capelin, which does not allow you to see the pupils, you should look for another outlet.
  • There should be no foreign spots, streaks, and cracks on the skin of the fish. The colors should be even; the carcass should be composite.
  • When buying fish in packaging, carefully check its tightness, and if you find damage, you should refuse such a product.
  • When buying chilled capelin, you should carefully examine all the fish, paying special attention to the tail. If it is completely dry or absent altogether. It means that the fish has not been here for the first day.
  • You should also trust your sense of smell. If a strange putrid smell emanates from the fish, this means that it is already spoiled. Fresh capelin usually does not smell anything except fried or smoked.
  • The fish should be free of mucus. You can also check for its presence under the gills. It can be removed from the carcass by enterprising sellers.
  • When buying frozen capelin, you should remember that it is worth defrosting it through a sharp change in thermal regime. It is best to put it in the refrigerator for a few hours, where it will naturally thaw without losing most of its beneficial properties.

How to choose capelin?

To choose the right capelin, after the preparation of which you will have only good emotions, it is necessary to clarify in what form you are going to buy it. Most often, capelin can be found in four types:

  • smoked;
  • frozen;
  • fried;
  • chilled.
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Experts do not recommend buying chilled capelin, as it tends to deteriorate very quickly. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will buy fresh fish if you do not take a good look at the purchase.

It is also not a good idea to buy fried capelin. It is often sold in portions and prepared immediately in a store or supermarket. But as practice shows, fish that are about to deteriorate or have already deteriorated are usually selected for frying.

You cannot determine this by smell or taste. But an upset stomach will clearly hint to you that the seller is dishonest. Therefore, it is best to choose frozen or smoked capelin. But even here, you should be extremely careful not to choose spoiled food.





  • Capelin 650
  • Vegetable oil 100
  • Bouillon cube 1
  • Black tea 6
  • Garlic 2
  • Bay leaf 5
  • Pepper peas 7
  • Onion peel to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Liquid smoke 0.5
  • Water 1


  1. Brew 3 tea bags in a glass of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. Wash the capelin, cut off the heads and remove the small intestine with the head. If the fish is with caviar, then you do not need to remove the caviar.
  2. Wash the onion peel, place it on the bottom of the pan, add bay leaves, pepper, garlic, cut into slices. Lay the fish on top in dense rows, belly down. Crumble the bouillon cube and add a little salt. Then pour practically cooled tea leaves, vegetable oil, and liquid smoke into the pan. It would help if you filled the fish with liquid to about half or slightly above.
  3. Cover the pan with a lid, put on the highest heat. As soon as the first signs of a boil appear, reduce heat to very low and leave to simmer for 50 minutes. Remove the lid and add the heat again until the strongest for 3-4 minutes, so that excess water evaporates.
  4. Cool and transfer to a storage jar. Pour the rest of the liquid from the pan. Keep refrigerated.

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