Business Banking Solutions in 2022


Each company requires a special business account. Modern businesses usually opt for online solutions due to their accessibility and convenience. Especially during the pandemic, it is advised to open an online account for easier money management. With a virtual Barclays or Genome account, it becomes possible to open a business account in 72 hours or even less and start using it right away.

Online Banking Features

Digital banking is a perfect modern solution if you need to open a business account. People normally associate banking with long queues, bureaucracy, huge fees, etc. However, with convenient web banking, your business can transfer money and open all the necessary accounts in no time. Here are some of the specialized accounts that you can open:

  • Business account for start-up businesses;
  • For small businesses;
  • For medium-sized companies;
  • For non-profit and charitable organizations, etc.

Regardless of the specifics of your business, it is possible to select a convenient business account that will suit all your needs. Non-profit organizations can benefit from free-of-charge everyday banking solutions.

The Advantages of Online Banking

With online banking services, it becomes possible to perform all kinds of international transactions fairly easily. Whether you live in Europe, America, Asia, or any other part of the planet, you can make banking transactions in USD, EUR, GBP, and more.

Digital banking allows expanding your business abroad, whether you are dealing with exporting or importing. Reliable online transactions grant high security for each operation. With the help of highly trained International Managers, all transactions become truly accessible. In addition, special discounts are available for international businesses to save money effectively.

One of the greatest advantages of virtual banking is the opportunity to run your business from anywhere and even from home. Genome offers a chance to deal with all your banking needs via a desktop computer or even through a separate mobile application. Here is what you can do from your devices:

  • Make payments and transactions – make new invoices, transfer money to another business account and between your online account options;
  • Create a merchant account – apply for a business account based on your company type. With the help of the managers, you will be able to pick a perfect solution for your start-up business or an established company, etc.

Explore all the online banking options offered by Genome account to find the best solution and expand your business with an online account.

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