Briony Smith’s 7 Secrets to a Successful Yoga Practice

1. Do not hurry

Never be in a rush to get results in yoga, give your mind and body time to adapt to the new practice. Be sure to attend introductory classes for beginners if you are just starting out or decide to change your style.

2. Listen more and watch less

Yes, look around less at yoga classes. Especially if you are a beginner. The level of practitioners, the anatomical features of everyone is very different, there is no need to focus on those who practice on the next mat. It is better to pay all your attention to the instructions of the teacher.

3. Follow your breath

I never get tired of repeating the well-known, but very important rule: movement must follow the breath. Breathing connects the mind and body – this is a necessary condition for the successful practice of Hatha Yoga.

4. Pain is not normal

If you feel pain in an asana, don’t just endure it. Come out of the pose and figure out why you got hurt. Even the usual basic asanas are anatomically more difficult than they are thought to be. In any school of yoga, the teacher must explain in detail how to properly do the Dog with the face up, down, Plank and Chaturanga. Basic asanas are the foundation; without their correct mastering, it will not be possible to build further practice. And exactly in the basic asanas you should not be hurt. Never.

5. Work on balances

All of us are not balanced either in body or mind. It is enough to get into some kind of balance pose – difficult or not very difficult – in order to be convinced of this. Understood that the position of the body is unstable? Excellent. Work on balance. The mind will resist at first, and then it will get used and calm down. 

6. Do not judge yourself or others

You are no worse than others – always remember this. But you are no better than your yoga class neighbors. You are you, they are they, with all the features, perfections and imperfections. Do not compare or judge, otherwise yoga will turn into a strange competition.

7. Don’t miss Shavasanu

The golden rule of Hatha Yoga is to always end the practice with relaxation and pay attention to the analysis of feelings and sensations in the body after the practice. This way you will save the energy received during the session and learn to observe yourself. This is where the real yoga magic begins.

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