Biorhythms of your skin

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Surely all of you have heard about the biorhythms of our body, today I want to talk about the biorhythms of the skin, because knowing your biorhythm of the day, and what happens to your skin from 7 am to 23 pm, you can properly and effectively take care of it and save as long as possible beauty and youth. 

At 7:00 am When you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, you notice with regret that your eyelids are slightly swollen and your skin color is far from ideal. And this despite the fact that you had a great sleep! Maybe it’s the pillow? Because if the pillow is too big, then the head is raised during sleep and the chin touches the chest. This position greatly complicates blood circulation. The result is that the skin lacks oxygen (hence its pale color), and an excess of fluid with toxins accumulates in the soft tissues of the face (due to this, swelling appears). Sometimes after sleep, “patterns” from bed linen remain on the cheeks. This is due to the fact that you sleep, buried in a soft pillow. To restore the natural freshness of the skin, start the morning with gymnastics. A few rotational movements of the head are enough for the circulatory and lymphatic systems to be in perfect order again and work actively. After such a mini-charging, the face can be refreshed with cool mineral water. To do this, fill it with an empty spray bottle. Cold droplets of moisture instantly refresh the skin and stimulate blood circulation. A short massage with an ice cube will be no less effective (I personally really like this method, especially if ice cubes are made on a decoction of herbs). Also, compresses with fresh tea brewing at room temperature are just wonderful to relieve swelling and redness of the eyelids.

From 8:00 to 11:00 At this time of day, the sebaceous glands begin to work intensively. Therefore, the morning is not the best time for various kinds of cosmetic procedures that activate the secretion production. Therefore, it is advisable to postpone cleansing, baths and masks for the afternoon. Morning procedures should be as simple as possible: milk, tonic and day cream. Intense makeup looks unnatural in the morning, so don’t overdo it, even if you have pale skin. And in order for it to acquire a beautiful shade, it is enough to take a walk in the fresh air at least to the bus stop.

At 11 : 00 By 11 o’clock in our body, the level of the hormone endorphin rises (it is a natural pain reliever). Therefore, this is the best time for the most painful procedures, such as waxing. Keep this in mind when going to the beautician in the evening after work. Perhaps it would be better to move this event to a weekend.

12:00 to 14:00 During this time, your performance begins to decline. Do not rush to save yourself with a cup of strong coffee, because this drink has a diuretic effect, which means that the body will once again lose the water necessary for beautiful skin. Better drink a glass of mineral water or eat two kiwi fruits. This overseas fruit is so rich in vitamin C that it instantly improves well-being and gives vigor. At lunchtime, it is also good to refresh yourself with raw vegetables. The fiber they contain is a kind of “brush” for the intestines. And the internal cleanliness of the body in the most favorable way affects the color of your face.

14:00 to 16:00 During these hours, the skin is at its most attractive. Foundation, powder and eye shadow at this time of day “fall” just perfect. But after 15 p.m. in the body, the level of hormones that activate the function of the sebaceous glands rises, while those with oily skin experience particular discomfort. The quickest solution to this problem is to powder your face.

From 16:00 pm to 18:00 pm This is usually the end of the working day and while you are returning home, the skin itself has to fight with the air, which, unfortunately, is polluted by exhaust gases. Unfortunately, harmful carbon dioxide blocks the supply of oxygen and promotes the formation of free radicals (which are known to accelerate skin aging). Vitamins A, C and E are active protection against their harmful effects. Therefore, regularly use a cream that contains these vitamins.

At 18:00 the energy level begins to rise. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of this to improve physical fitness. After active exercise, blood circulation increases (due to this, our skin tissues are well enriched with nutrients, and also get rid of metabolic products), as well as significantly increases the flow of oxygen into the body. After gymnastics, I advise you not to go outside for at least 30 minutes, because. the epidermis after warming up is most sensitive to external factors and easily succumbs to any irritation, it is for this reason that it is not recommended to clean the face after a sports workout.

At 19:00 In the evening, the blood vessels are more dilated than during the day. Therefore, if you go for an evening walk, a slight reddening of the face is possible. But besides the fresh evening air, alcohol can also become the cause of an excess blush. Hide redness easily with a concealer pencil or light-colored powder.

At 20:00 endorphin levels are much lower than in the morning and sensitivity to pain is increased. In the evening, in no case should you squeeze out pimples. In addition, an allergic reaction is more likely to occur at this time. Compresses with a decoction of sage, mint or chamomile will help you get rid of discomfort.

At 21:00 Now you can relax. Take a fragrant warm bath. If your skin is not too sensitive, exfoliate once a week at this time. Massage your face in a circular motion for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water. After such a procedure, your skin will become more receptive to applying a nourishing cream or mask.

At 22:00 It’s time to apply the night cream. If the main purpose of day creams is to protect the skin of the face from such harmful influences as polluted air and ultraviolet rays, then the night cream nourishes the skin, moisturizes and restores. The consistency of the night cream is of great importance. Too thick and heavy, it is poorly absorbed into the skin. The skin is most receptive during the first hours of the night. Therefore, if you go to bed too late, even the most potent remedy will be ineffective. You can also sleep until noon, but in the morning the skin is ready to wake up, not to rest, and it is almost impossible to wean it from this.

At 23:00 Well, it’s time to go to bed! The ideal duration of sleep, or the so-called dose of beauty, is 7-8 hours. This is how much our body and especially the skin of the face needs to recover and prepare for the next day. Getting enough sleep is the very first rule for those who want to look good, maintain youthfulness and beauty of the skin.

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