Becoming a Vegetarian Means Making Healthy Food Choices

People become vegetarians for ethical, environmental and economic reasons, as well as healthy food choices and delicious vegetarian recipes.

The average North American diet is known for being high in animal fats, trans fats, toxic chemicals, and empty calories from foods like white flour and sugar. Other studies show that a vegetarian diet contains far fewer of these substances and is much more nutritional. One of the most compelling reasons to become a vegetarian is that a vegetarian diet provides healthy food choices.

Research shows that the root cause of many health problems and diseases is poor nutrition. Vegetarians don’t want to fill their bodies with toxic chemicals and hormones fed to animals. This is a serious problem for people who want to live happily ever after, without disease. This is why a vegetarian diet usually starts with a healthy diet.

Many people say that their doctors have advised them to eliminate all fat from their diet or they will get sick and die. This is a strong motivation for switching to a plant-based diet.

Health concerns are not the only reason why people become vegetarians.

1) Ethical reasons. Many want to become vegetarians or vegans because they are horrified by the inhumane conditions in which most animals are raised and they refuse to support the meat and dairy industry. They don’t want to make animals suffer and die so they can eat, especially when it’s not necessary for good health. The meat industry is also responsible for dangerous and harmful working conditions for its workers.

2) Environmental reasons. People also aspire to become vegetarians because they object to the environmental damage caused by animal husbandry. Farms pollute rivers and groundwater with waste. Methane produced by cows overheats the planet. The jungle is disappearing so more people can eat hamburgers.

3) Economic reasons. A vegetarian diet can be much cheaper than a meal that includes meat. Many people these days feel that meat is too expensive for their budget. They can save money on food and eat better by opting for vegetarian options at least some of the time.

4) Taste. This is one reason why people become vegetarians – the most delicious food is vegetarian. Non-vegetarians are often fascinated by the surprisingly wide variety of delicious vegetarian options and how easy it is to make favorite recipes vegetarian.  



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