Become a vegetarian – save the planet!

About vegetarianism

When it comes to vegetarianism, most often meat-eaters ask the question of what people who have given up meat have to eat. The answer is very simple – “Everyone, whatever you want!” There are vegetarian substitutes for just about every meat product, from soy sausages and ribs to tofu and imitation lobster. Vegetarian menus can be found everywhere – even Burger King offers vegetarian sandwiches as more and more visitors turn to vegetarian cuisine. There are exclusive substitutes for any product, including soy ice cream, soy chocolate, milk, tofu, cheese, and many more.

Becoming a Vegetarian Has Never Been Easy and Here We Are, to help you! Our fantastic recipes and favorite food lists, vegetarian recipe books, owlyou are for beginners vegetarians contain all information that may you needed to get used to a healthy vegetarian diet. Every year in America are killing more 27 billion animals to eat. Raising animals in industrial farms is cruel and environmentally friendly.сki is devastating. Eating animals for food is dangerous for our health, increasing the risk of developing all kinds of diseases, such as like stroke, heart attack, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

To keep animals alive, for ethical reasons, to preserve our health and the environment, many compassionate people around the world are switching to a vegetarian diet. About animals Animals in industrial farms brutally exploited like meat, milk, or egg machines.

The sensitive beaks of chickens are burned with a hot knife, cattle and male pigs are castrated without anesthesia and anesthetic. chickens, turkeys, geese and pigs live their short lives in dark, crowded stalls, many of them so cramped they can’t even turn or spread their wings. They drown in their own feces and the smell of ammonia poisons the air.

Animals raised for food are fattened to reach their maximum weight in the shortest possible time – many of them, maimed by the weight of their own weight, die a few centimeters from the water source.

Animals in such farms do not see sunlight, do not even have time to breathe fresh air until until they are loaded onto trucks for the one nightmarish journey to the slaughterhouse, often in harsh climates.of the eskies conditions without food and water. Many die on the way, and the rest are too sick or weak toы get off the truck on your own and walk along the road to the slaughterhouse on your own. Those who manage to survive this hellish ordeal are hung upside down and have their throats cut while they are still conscious. Some are still alive, while they are skinned, cut into pieces or scalded with boiling water, for, to pluck their wings. When you switch to a vegetarian diet that You can save more than a hundred animals a year.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals advises: If you decide to switch to a vegetarian diet gradually, exclude poultry meat and eggs from your menu. Many people think that you should first give up meat and dairy. пproducts, but this is not the case.

When you eliminate poultry meat and eggs from your diet, you saveаThere are many more animals. Because chickensы very small and average meatеq guilty of more dead birds than cows. In addition, chickens and ducks are the most exploited of all other animals. as meat and egg producers and to a greater extent underverwife bullying than other animals that are raised for food.

About your health

The most common killers in America today are heart attacks.o-vascular  diseases, cancer, obesity, heart attacks and strokes, directly related to the diet and the content of animal products in them. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America today, and that may be due to high cholesterol and saturated fat in the arteries.  

Only two doctors preventedplead heart disease by prescribing a strict vegetarian diet to their patients, including it in their treatment. Averageth indicator cholesterol in vegans is 133, while those who eat meat have 210. There are also no documented cases of heart attack in people with cholesterol below 150. Others heart disease problems, connectedные with clogged arteries, poor circulation, and atherosclerotic problems, also can be resolved through switching to a vegetarian diet.

On average, 1/9 of vegans may be overweight and the chance of getting cancer is only 40% by compared to those who eat meat. People, using meat and other animal products, are at risk for diseases such as heart attack, stroke, obesity, arthritis, disease Alьzheimerа, various allergies, diabetes and food poisoning.  

About the environment

A civilization accustomed to eating meat pollutes water, the environment, in which we live, the air. Stunning 51% greenhouse effect due to animal husbandry such data were published by scientists of the Institute Worldwatch.

More than half of America’s water resources are used for animal husbandry today, and since farm animals excrete 130 times more feces, than the human population, their waste pollutes the sewers. Of animals excrement gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are released, which poison the air near farms, as well as methane and nitric oxidewhich are the main cause of global warming. For the construction of new industrial livestock farms inforests are being cut down withdrives к change environment. Animal husbandry also uses a huge amount of feed and otherraw materials: agricultural animals consume 70% grown corn, wheat and other cereals,  as well as 1/3  raw materials and fossil fuels.

In short, our meat addiction is destroying the Earth.

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