Bacon is not a type of lard, but a specially fed product. Specially selected pigs – long-backed and early maturing – are fed with barley, beans, milk and other delicacies, and food waste, oats and fish, on the contrary, are excluded from their diet. The side of a young pig goes on bacon – without bones and vertebrae. Bacon is eaten just like that, fried to the state of chips.

Bacon is made from the flank of a young pig, which is devoid of bones and vertebrae. For its manufacture, special early maturing animals are used, which have a long back. Basically, bacon is salted using table salt. The animals are fed with selected food to make the meat of the highest quality. Today, salty, smoked, and even sweet bacon is on the shelves of stores. You can buy it as a whole piece, as well as in cut plates.


Types of bacon

As we used to think, bacon is an exclusively pork product. But this is not the case. There are several types of bacon.

Turkey bacon

This bacon is made from smoked lean turkey thighs and is used as an alternative to traditional pork. Turkey bacon tastes more like ham, and does not shrink when frying, as it contains little fat. Therefore, it is better to fry it in oil – otherwise it will stick to the pan.

Canadian bacon

Lean ham from the loin of pork is commonly called Canadian bacon. In English, there are two more terms for it – back bacon and shortcut bacon. It costs more than regular bacon and is rarely sold sliced. Canadian bacon can be fried, baked, sandwiched, and added to salads.

Smoked bacon

Before adding it to food, it is better to boil smoked bacon in boiling water to get rid of the characteristic smoked aftertaste a little. Salty, by the way, can also be boiled down if it seems too salty.


Pancetta is Italian bacon, a large piece of fatty pork belly, pickled and flavored with spices and herbs, most often rosemary. It is fried and added to pasta, hot dishes, salads and snacks.

Types of bacon

There are several varieties of bacon that differ in a number of factors.


According to the method of preparation, salty and smoked bacon are distinguished. A salty product is lightly salted fresh meat that is rubbed with a mixture of various spices or soaked in a marinade. Cooking in this way will extend the shelf life of the bacon and will also help get rid of bacteria. Smoked meat has a rich taste and aroma, and the process of its preparation consists in prolonged heat treatment with smoke. When smoking bacon, chips of fruit trees such as cherries, pears, apple trees and others are usually used.

Among other things, there are several more types of product, among which the following can be distinguished:
The most popular type of bacon is Canadian. It has the highest cost among the other varieties, since such a product is obtained from the lumbar part of pork carcasses. This bacon can be used for baking, frying, preparing all kinds of salads and first courses, as well as as an independent snack.

Pancetta, or Italian bacon as it is also called, is a salty piece of pork breast. Most often, such meat is quite fatty, and also has a lot of spices, which gives the bacon a richer and more appetizing flavor.

Turkey bacon is also a popular variety. The meat for this treat is taken from the thighs of the turkey. The fat content of this bacon is much lower than that of other varieties, and such meat is also heat treated with smoke.

Which bacon is the tastiest is up to you. We recommend that you certainly try each of them so that you have something to compare with.

Bacon and brisket – what’s the difference?

“What’s the difference between bacon and brisket?” – this question is often asked by many hostesses. In fact, it is very easy to confuse these products, since the only difference between them is the presence of cartilage. However, there are a number of signs by which you can understand what exactly is in front of you: bacon or brisket.

First of all, you need to look at the body fat. In bacon, they alternate with veins of meat and are no more than 1.5 centimeters in size, while in the brisket, the thickness of adipose tissue can exceed two centimeters.
The color of the meat product also speaks volumes.

So, good bacon has a uniform color in any part of the product, but the brisket shows some streaks or darkening.

You can also distinguish bacon from brisket by looking at the skin: if it is clean and has a uniform color, then you have high-quality bacon, and if the skin has bristles or streaks, it means that you have brisket in front of you.


When buying packaged bacon, be sure to pay attention to the composition. It should be free of soy, flavor enhancers or flavorings, as these are often incorporated into the brisket.

At the cut site, high-quality meat, which is bacon, has a smooth, uniform surface, and the brisket begins to crumble and break into pieces.

By carefully studying the list of differences, you can easily determine what is the difference between bacon and brisket. This will allow you to choose only quality products for your meals.

How to choose and store?

Knowing how to choose the right bacon is very important, because in stores you can find several options for such a meat delicacy, but like other food products, it can be counterfeited, add harmful preservatives and other food additives, etc.

To protect yourself and buy not only tasty, but also healthy bacon, when choosing, you must take into account the following recommendations:

The first thing to pay attention to is the price of the product. In this matter, it is necessary to find a middle ground, since a very low price is a sign of an unnatural product. If the bacon is very expensive, it may be a sign of the popularity of the manufacturer, and not a sign of high quality. Natural and tasty bacon can be purchased at an average price.

Now let’s move on to the composition on the label. A quality product will contain the meat itself and 10% brine. This natural bacon will not last long and will be expensive. Try to buy bacon that contains a minimal list.

To buy quality smoked bacon in the store, you need to look at the pieces of meat (see photo). If natural smoked has been used, its color will vary from light to dark brown. If the manufacturer used liquid smoke for smoking, then the meat in the bacon will be orange or yellow.


Natural bacon can be with or without skin. It is important that it is clean and free of any stains or damage.
Real bacon has a uniform color and an even alternation of lard and meat. Moreover, the layer of fat should not be more than 1.5 cm.

The shelf life of good bacon should not be more than 15 days, if the indicated period is higher on the package, then you should refuse such a purchase.

Be sure to keep bacon in the refrigerator. It is desirable that at the same time it does not come into contact with other products that are eaten fresh. Example: vegetables, cheese, fruits and other foods.

The benefits of bacon

The benefits of bacon lie in its vitamin and mineral composition. There are large quantities of B vitamins in this product, which are important for metabolism and for the nervous system. It also contains vitamins A and E, which are important for youthful skin, and they also have a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system.

Contains high amounts of bacon protein, which is important for athletes and for breastfeeding women. It contains acids that are necessary for the normal functioning of the heart, liver and brain.

Dried bacon has the ability to detoxify the body and reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, it helps cleanse the blood of “bad” cholesterol.
But the beneficial properties of bacon do not end there. Below is a list of the positive qualities of this product that you will definitely feel if you do not overuse this treat.

Bacon contains a large amount of protein and fat, thanks to which the use of this product in reasonable quantities allows you to restore strength. This effect can be especially noticeable after exhausting sports training.

It is also beneficial for children to eat small amounts of bacon, as this product contains lysine. He is actively involved in the formation of the skeleton, as well as joints and cartilage.


Regular rationed consumption of bacon helps to improve metabolism, as well as normalize the activity of the hormonal system.

Even with weight loss, bacon can be beneficial, but only if you consume enough water with it.

Magnesium and zinc, which are found in large quantities in meat products, help prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as increase potency.
With frequent mood swings, depression and stress, the use of bacon can normalize the state of the nervous system and prevent the occurrence of related diseases.

Consider the fact that the beneficial properties of bacon only take place if it is used in a standardized manner. Also, do not forget to pay attention to contraindications.

Bacon harm and contraindications

Bacon can be harmful due to its high calorie content, so it should be eaten in small quantities, as this can lead to weight gain. Also, if you abuse bacon, you can cause problems with the work of the stomach and intestines. People with heart problems should be wary of bacon.

In diseases of the cardiovascular system, fatty meat is generally contraindicated.

Of course, bacon can be harmful, for the production of which unscrupulous manufacturers used dyes, flavors and other food additives harmful to the body.


Keep in mind that pork can contain various parasites, therefore, it is not recommended to eat bacon without heat treatment.

The main harmful qualities of bacon include the following:

Excessive use of this ingredient can cause the formation of cholesterol plaques in the vessels, since bacon is a rather fatty product. For the same reason, its excessive use negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular system.

It is possible that non-homemade bacon contains all kinds of harmful additives that negatively affect the functioning of the stomach and pancreas.

Smoked bacon, when overused, can cause cancer cells to develop or appear. This is especially true for school-age children, so it is advisable to limit the amount of food consumed for them.
Bacon is a heavy food, so it is not recommended to eat it before bed. This can lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

It is impossible not to mention that this product is very high in calories, therefore, if you follow your figure, it is not recommended to eat it in large quantities.

As for contraindications, bacon should not be consumed by pregnant women in late pregnancy, young children, as well as people who suffer from diseases such as obesity, gastritis, ulcers, diabetes. But if you eat this meat in reasonable quantities, then it will not harm the body.

11 interesting facts about bacon

  1. Bacon is a salted meat product obtained as a result of specific fattening and keeping of pigs (bacon pig breeding).
  2. Bacon was the first food eaten on the moon. When Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin celebrated their moon landings, they ate cubes of bacon and peaches, cookies, pineapple and grapefruit juice, and coffee. Bacon was dried, salted meat cubes that needed to be reconstituted with hot water.
  3. International Bacon Day is celebrated on September 3rd.
  4. Bacon is one of the oldest processed meats. It is known that the Chinese made the pork belly ambassador 3000 years ago.
  5. Baconomania. What else can you call the appearance of many unusual things with a taste or smell of bacon? Nowadays, the world produces chocolate, salt, vodka, peanuts and bacon-flavored mayonnaise, with bacon-flavored soap, cologne, toothpaste, chewing gum or even dental floss.
  6. A good bacon sandwich can help with a hangover. The combination of bread and bacon provides a combination of protein and carbohydrates, and the amino acids in bacon relieve headaches as they stimulate the revitalization of neurotransmitters that have been depleted by alcohol.
  7. Bacon can be used to make roses for a “masculine” bouquet.
  8. One 20-gram piece of bacon contains approximately 5.4 grams of fat, 4.4 grams of protein and 30 mg of cholesterol, depending on the method used.
  9. “Turkish Bacon” is made from turkey and is suitable for people who do not eat regular bacon for religious, health or other reasons. This bacon contains less fat and protein, but can replace traditional bacon in a variety of dishes.
  10. Scotland also made their own analogue of bacon. It is made from lamb and looks very similar to traditional pork bacon.
  11. Vegetarian bacon is made from pickled tofu or tempeh strips. This bacon does not contain cholesterol, it is very low in fat, but a large amount of protein and fiber.

Bacon in cooking

The product is very common in cooking. They make sandwiches with bacon, add it to soups and serve with various side dishes.

This is a wonderful addition to scrambled eggs, various appetizers, salad.

Salted and smoked bacon will pamper guests and households in winter, when the body needs more protein than in any other season of the year.

Bacon with cheese in the oven



  • Bacon 8
  • Brynza 150
  • Parmesan 50
  • Processed cheese 1
  • Dill 5
  • Garlic 1


  1. Prepare foods according to the list. I take the bacon fresh, raw, if you use frozen, then it should be defrosted, but not completely, so that the strips are divided among themselves. I use Cheese in cooking, but I think it can be replaced with cottage cheese. I take Parmesan cheese, you can take any hard one. I will use processed cheese to hold the curd together. Prepare a baking dish and turn on the oven to heat up to 200 gr.
  2. Remove the cheese from the packaging and drain the liquid, if any. Crumble cheese into a bowl with your hands or with a fork, or grate, add finely chopped dill (pre-washed and dried) and garlic passed through a press (pre-peeled).
  3. Take the Parmesan out of the packaging and grate it on a coarse grater. Add the grated cheese to the bowl with the feta cheese.
  4. Add melted cheese and stir. The mass should be dense, able to maintain its shape.
  5. Arrange the bacon slice on a plate. With your hands, take the cheese mass (about a tablespoon), mold it into oval cutlets and wrap it in bacon. It is better to wrap it not very tightly and, if possible, so that the bacon is throughout the cheese mass and it looks out as little as possible.
  6. Cover the oven dish with baking paper or grease with vegetable oil. Put cheese rolls in it. Put the dish in the oven for 15 – 20 minutes, you can use the top convention or grill mode. if desired, you can sprinkle the rolls themselves with grated cheese.
  7. Serve hot rolls with bacon and cheese. They hold their shape well, but the filling may leak out of them. Put the rolls themselves on the dish along with the filling, if it has leaked out and juice.
  8. The cheese rolls in bacon turned out to be really very fragrant due to the garlic and dill. Thanks to the bacon and cheese, they are juicy and moderately salty. The rolls themselves look presentable. But such a snack must be served hot: when it cools, it becomes dry, and the appearance fades. In addition, it seems to me that such bacon and cheese rolls are not for everybody.

Using the same cooking algorithm, such rolls can also be cooked in a pan.

Enjoy your meal!

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