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There are many means for self-tanning – creams, gels, sprays, lotions … They give the skin a pleasant golden hue, which is especially valuable at the very beginning of the season of T-shirts, short skirts and bikinis. All around are as pale as a sleepy moth, and here you are – a tanned nymph, full of beauty and health!

Self-tanners are safe for health; they do not penetrate the skin deeper than the upper layers of the epidermis. These funds are divided into two main groups.


Self-tanners… “Sunburn” appears in 1-4 hours after application of the product and lasts 3-4 days, after which it is gradually washed off.


You can use it every day, but usually twice a week is enough.

Bronzers… In fact, they look more like a foundation. “Sunburn” appears immediately, but the paint is unstable; if it gets wet, it stains clothes.

Keep in mind that most self-tanners do not protect the skin from UV damage and therefore do not excuse the need to use sunscreen.




1. Take a bath and exfoliate so that the self-tanning lays down evenly.

2. Thoroughly dry the skin and let the body cool down, otherwise the enlarged pores will absorb more of the product, and you will “go spots”.

3. Apply a greasy cream to lips, eyebrows and hairline to protect these areas from staining.



4. Apply the product from head to toe; treat knees and elbows with less product; do not treat the area around the eyes!

5. Knees and elbows are best treated with cotton swabs.


6. Remember to wash your hands periodically in the process. Otherwise, your palm and nails will turn completely brown!

7. Do not wear light-colored clothing immediately after applying a self-tanner. Wait 1 to 2 hours to avoid stains on clothing.

8. If you have problem skin prone to acne, choose foods marked oil-free and no-comedones, which are oil-free and will not clog pores.



If you have very light skin, use self-tanners marked “light”. They contain moisturizing ingredients that slightly weaken the effect of the bronzing agent, so the tan is light.

Girls with pinkish skin can choose different shades depending on the intensity of the color they want to achieve. For a natural light tan, sprays or creams are suitable, for a deeper color, it is better to choose a gel. The product should be marked “medium”.

For women with dark skin, it is better to use gel self-tanners without moisturizing ingredients. They are more concentrated and give a richer color. They are marked “dark”.



Creams… Fits well, suitable for dry skin. It is better to treat limited areas with creams, for example, face, décolleté, etc.

Emulsion… For lovers of light remedies, an emulsion is suitable; it usually includes components that prevent the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging.

Gel… Suitable for sensitive skin. Very easy to apply and absorbed quickly.

Oil… Easy and quick to apply. Not recommended for acne prone skin.

Spray… The most convenient tool – you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Ideal for application to the whole body, it allows to achieve uniform coloration.

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