Artistic gymnastics


Artistic gymnastics

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Artistic gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is a discipline within gymnastics. This activity, unlike the rest, is practiced with various devices such as the rack, the rings or the uneven bars. Although it may seem like a modern sport, the truth is that it is a physical exercise that arose in ancient times, specifically in the XNUMXth century, thanks to Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, professor of the Berlin German Institute, which in 1811 created the first space for the practice of artistic gymnastics in the open air. Much of the current devices are derived from their designs. The most amazing? This gymnastics became independent from gymnastics in general in 1881 and it was in Athens, at the 1896 Olympic Games, when it became known worldwide, practiced only by men. It was not until 1928 that women were allowed to participate in the Amsterdam Olympics.

Inflection point

The XNUMXth century has been crucial for artistic gymnastics, specifically from 1952. This year marks the beginning of the era of gymnastics as a sport and numerous classical and current gymnastic events begin to take place, eliminating athletic events and the first groups consisting of up to 6 components. While males competed in 1903 in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, the highest international competition in this sport, that of women dates from 1934.

Great gymnasts

Romanian gymnast stands out Nadia Comăneci, at the age of fourteen, since he managed to make history in artistic gymnastics by achieving the first 10 qualification in Montreal, a score that no one had obtained in the 1976 Olympic Games. Simone Biles, who debuted as a substitute in the American Cup and entered the competition after the fall of one of her teammates. He has in his possession 10 gold medals in championships, and in the Rio Olympics obtained bronze in uneven bars and gold in floor and jump, being the All-Around champion and obtaining first place by team. The most surprising thing is that at 22 he already has a floor exercise that bears his name: «The Biles», Which consists of an extended double back flip with a half twist.

Artistic exercises

The first thing to do is to differentiate between male and female artistic gymnastics, since they currently do not present the same exercises. The men’s category is made up of six modalities: rings, high bar, pommel horse, parallel bars, colt jump and floor. The gymnasts, on the other hand, carry out four exercises: uneven bars, balance beam, floor and jump (horse, trestle or colt).


  • In Amsterdam in 1928, women were allowed to compete individually

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