Active games for adults and children in nature


Family outdoor recreation brings people closer together, even if the vacation lasts only a few hours at a picnic in a city park. To make it unforgettable, you need to take care of three components – a suitable place, tasty and appropriate food, and exciting leisure time. Most of the well-known outdoor games are designed either for a large group of adults or children. Let’s look at active outdoor games for the family, designed for a small number of participants.


Ball games in nature

The most popular ball game is soccer. It is not necessary to assemble a whole team – football is suitable for any number of participants. If you are resting with families, split into two teams – one family versus the other, and if you are resting separately, still take the ball to play with your child (calorizer). Even just kicking the ball causes genuine delight in children.

You can play volleyball with a ball in nature. An adaptation for a small number of participants is called Potato. No mesh needed! According to the rules, participants must face in a circle and hit the ball, in the same way as when playing volleyball. With three participants, everyone plays for himself, and with four, you can split into teams of two.

Fun throws in nature

It’s hard to imagine outdoor recreation without a Frisbee flying disc. The big team frisbee game is called Ultimate. According to the rules, the participants must pass the disc to the players of their team, and the opponents must intercept it. It is forbidden to move around the field with a disc – you can hold a frisbee in your hands for no longer than ten seconds. To play Ultimate outdoors, you need at least four people.

An alternative to throwing frisbee is throwing rings. Two or more players can participate here. To play you need noodles, from which you need to make rings. In this case, you can throw both rings, throwing them on the noodles sticking out of the ground, and noodle into the rings. Whoever hits the target more (collects points) is great. Needless to say, the game brilliantly develops accuracy and coordination.


Racket games

Squash, badminton and discs-racquets ogosport are the undisputed favorites among active outdoor games. While squash is more suitable for playing in the backyard with a bouncing wall, then badminton and its modern disc alternative instead of traditional racquets are suitable for open areas. The rules of badminton are known to everyone, and ogosport is the same thing, but instead of racquets there are elastic discs, and instead of a shuttlecock there is a special aerodynamic ball that bounces only from the mesh surface of the disc.

The main advantages of racket discs over badminton:

  • Takes up less space;
  • Discs come in a variety of sizes;
  • The ball is more durable than the shuttlecock;
  • The disc can replace the frisbee;
  • There are no hard and fast rules – it’s up to you how to hold the disc;
  • The game does not require special skills and age restrictions.

The main advantages of badminton are that it is not just a game, but a dynamic sport available to everyone, which also relieves stress, gives positive emotions, improves agility and coordination, and helps burn calories.

How to captivate a child at a picnic

To instill in a child a love of outdoor activities, you need to make it interesting. If the terrain permits, launch a large and colorful flying kite into the sky. Kite flying delights children, helps to develop dexterity and coordination of movements. This will not hurt adults either, especially since you can improve in this lesson – do various tricks with a kite in the sky.


If you want your child to play on their own, then Treasure Hunt is perfect. The parent’s job is to compile a treasure list, which may include a variety of flowers, twigs, objects and plants of various shapes and colors. Give the treasure list to your child to find all the items. For playing on the sea, you can add shells and stones of unusual shapes to the list, and if you spend time outside the city, then twigs or wildflowers.

Idea for a relaxing holiday

When you don’t feel like running around with the ball or rackets, play the quieter and less active Crocodile game. It is suitable for large and small companies with or without children. The rules are simple – the participant makes a word that he depicts with the help of movements and facial expressions, and the rest must guess it (calorizator). After that, the right to guess the word passes to the one who guessed it. A great way to have fun in nature.


Games give positive emotions, relieve stress and develop. They help to bring people together, and also make the vacation more enjoyable and memorable. For people leading a sedentary lifestyle, outdoor games give a chance to increase their non-training activity, imperceptibly and with pleasure to burn several hundred calories.

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