A house where it is easy to keep track of your figure. Part 1

“Everything that surrounds you at home, from the lighting in the dining room to the size of the dishes, can influence your extra weight,” says nutritional psychologist Brian Wansink, PhD, in his book, Unconscious Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. . It’s worth thinking about. And another thought follows from this thought: if our house can influence our excess weight, then it can also help us get rid of it. 1) Enter the house through the main entrance If you do not live in an apartment, but in a large house, try to use the main entrance more often, and not the door that is located next to the kitchen. According to a study conducted at Cornell University, people who constantly walk through the kitchen eat 15% more often and more. 2) Choose kitchen micro gadgets A fine grater, an immersion hand blender, and an ice cream scoop are good choices. On a fine grater, Parmesan can be very thinly sliced ​​- in addition to a more attractive appearance of the dish, you will get a portion with less fat. Puree of asparagus, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower is much healthier than the same vegetables fried. The immersion hand blender allows you to grind food directly in the pan, which is very convenient, and no extra steps. And an ice cream scoop can be used to form servings and other desserts: muffins, cookies, etc. 3) Create a low-calorie garden Fragrant fresh herbs in your garden will inspire you to eat healthy. They contain almost no calories, but are rich in nutrients. Oh, and keep your favorite vegan recipe books close at hand. 4) Watch out for smuggled goods If you suddenly find chips or other unhealthy foods brought by your husband or children, immediately throw them in the trash. No explanation. 5) Use chopsticks When you use chopsticks, you are forced to eat more slowly and mindfully. As a result, you eat less, and after eating you feel better. Brian Wansink has done some very interesting research on Chinese restaurants in three states of America. And I came to the conclusion that those people who prefer to eat with chopsticks do not suffer from overweight. 6) Plate Size Matters Get out the adorable plates you inherited from your grandmother. In those days, the size of the plates was 33% smaller than the size of modern dishes. “Big plates and big spoons lead to big trouble. We have to put more food on the plate to make it look more appealing,” Wansink says. 7) Think over the interior in the dining room and in the kitchen If you want to eat less, forget red in the dining room and kitchen. In restaurants, you can often see shades of red, orange and yellow – scientists have long proven that these colors stimulate appetite. Remember the red and yellow McDonald’s logo? Everything is thought out in it. 8) Eat in bright light Scientists from the University of California found that dim lighting makes you want to eat more. If you’re counting calories, make sure you have bright lighting in the kitchen and dining room. 9) Drink cucumber water Scientists have proven that cucumber water promotes weight loss. The recipe for preparing cucumber water is simple: coarsely chop a cucumber and fill it with cold drinking water overnight. In the morning, replace cucumber slices with fresh ones, let it brew for a while, strain and enjoy cucumber water all day long. For a change, you can sometimes add mint or lemon to the drink. Source: myhomeideas.com Translation: Lakshmi

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