8 solutions to fill your home with positive vibes – happiness and health


Have you ever felt oppressed or uncomfortable in the rooms of a house? Energy residues could be at the origin of this heavy atmosphere. It is then necessary to purify the space, by aerating it and by burning sage there.

It only remains to attract good energies thereafter. Here, we share our 8 best techniques for filling your home with positive vibes.

  1. Declutter the space

Creating space for air circulation will bring a flow of positive and creative energy into a home. Cluttering a room encourages stagnant energies and can attract negative energies as well. It can also hurt your morale and lead to depression.

Start by getting rid of anything that is no longer needed or that you no longer need in your home. This obviously includes the contents of cupboards, cupboards and cellars filled with forgotten things.

To give you an idea, consider donating or getting rid of anything that does not arouse any positive emotion in you, or that has not been used for over a year.

Seen in this way, the accumulation of goods can turn into real energy baggage, without being of any interest whatsoever.

  1. Let the air and the sun in

We may not realize it enough, but sunlight brings a tremendous amount of positive energy to anything it touches, while weak light will tend to attract negative energies and lower the frequency. vibratory.

So, if you want to fill a room with good vibes, let the sun and all its benefits come in!

In addition, by ventilating it, you will be able to evacuate all the residual energies which accumulate there and will make room for fresh air. Avoid having too many items on the floor that could obstruct drafts and let your home breathe.

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The wind will drive away excessively heavy energies and the sunlight will illuminate every corner, while warming it naturally.

  1. Use an air purifier if necessary

The quality of the air in a home is essential to the life that goes on there. If the air in a room in your home feels heavy or saturated, or air quality is a real issue, using an air purifier can make some great changes.

It will have all the more impact if the house is poorly ventilated or does not have enough sunlight. Plants are natural air purifiers, and some of them have incredible benefits when placed indoors.

Aloe vera, for example, has amazing healing properties, and it will protect you from bad luck, while dissipating negative energies. Jasmine, a sacred flower in Persia, boosts energy and self-confidence, while also strengthening relationships.


Rosemary is effective in cleansing a home, and helps overcome depression and anxiety. Promoting inner peace and keeping energies at bay, by installing a bush at the entrance, you will prevent negative waves from entering your home.

  1. Optimize your lighting: Philips Living colors

If there is not enough natural sunlight in your home, consider modifying its interior lighting. Choose bulbs according to the light intensity sufficient for a room or hallway.

Soft white lights are suitable for tight spaces while a yellow light will work to warm large spaces. We are sensitive to light, but also to colors.


Philips Living Colors is a solution to bring a light that you can adapt to your mood or to diffuse a light in a soothing or invigorating color, according to your desires.

This mood light is fully modular and will adapt to your desires of the moment. You can put it in the corner of a room with white or plain walls, or anywhere else to enjoy a soothing or invigorating light.

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More than just lighting, this device brings you real mood light.

  1. Try aromatherapy

8 solutions to fill your home with positive vibes – happiness and health
Natural sleeping pills – essential oils

Diffusing essential oils in your home will make it possible to clarify the energies which are there while protecting it from negative atmospheres which could have been unconsciously created.

You can spray it in rooms and places where you feel the atmosphere heavier than normal. Also consider rooms that are frequently visited and where several people meet daily, such as the dining room and living room.

Essential oils for increasing vibration are rose and cypress, and the latter can also help you refocus in the moment. Those of basil and cedar are recommended for protection.

Lavender, sage, peppermint, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary will work best for purifying a space. You can use them with a diffuser, spray or spray.

  1. Using incense or herbs

Frankincense has been used for purifying and protective purposes for millennia. These curls and its bewitching fragrance free the space of any negative smell.

Light a stick and mentally thank it for its effect, place it in a place where the wind blows, so that it diffuses naturally in the house, or take it for a walk around the house.

The incense recommended to bring good vibes in a house are sandalwood, camphor, cedar, ginseng, jasmine, lavender, lilac, mint or even rose.

You can also burn white sage to protect your home and attract good energies to it. Burning resin on a piece of charcoal is also effective, as is burning lemon or orange peels.

  1. Meditate in your home

Meditation is a spiritual practice that allows you to bring inner peace, but also around you. Thus, the positive waves will benefit from your practice to spread all around you, attracting good energy.

For best results, do not hesitate to meditate every day. While it is advisable to reserve a space to devote yourself to it, by meditating in several places, you will spread the good vibes in your home.

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Any form of meditation will work well, but in this particular case, keeping it simple can already work. Take time to meditate in the morning, focusing on your presence.

Relax and simply feel your presence, your existence in the midst of your thoughts and emotions. You can also add the chanting of a mantra, such as “AUM” or “OM” and observing the vibrations created in your body.

  1. Cultivate the “positive attitude”

We all create, at an individual or collective level, sometimes positive and sometimes negative energies. To bring your wave of happiness to your home, cultivate good humor every day.

Celebrate each day spent with your loved ones and try not to feel too upset when unpleasant situations arise. You can try to find the positive in every moment by installing pictures and little reminders in your home.

Find a way that is unique to your family to find a smile all the time of the day, by leaving messages on the fridge, or by having little attentions for each other.

Let us remember that we are the greatest creators of positivity and we all can, and should all contribute to the general good mood!

Our conclusion

Filling your house with positive waves requires first of all to purify your space. By getting rid of the superfluous, and by adopting certain practices, we can make room for positive energies, vibrating strongly and stimulating our creativity and our intelligence.

In this way, the mood of the whole household will be improved, and you can live every moment in a good mood.

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