8 hidden problems that clutter at home speaks of


8 hidden problems that clutter at home speaks of

Human psychology is such that it somehow projects its internal state onto what it surrounds. So, if you want to learn everything about a new acquaintance, visit him somehow.

And no, we are not suggesting rummaging through your friend’s closets and personal belongings. One quick glance will be enough to understand what’s what. Maybe then it will become easier for you to communicate with each other?

1. If trash is hidden in cabinets and drawers

At first glance, everything is perfect: wallpaper, curtains, furniture, decor, around cleanliness and order. But if you look into the drawer of the kitchen table, you will see broken scissors, old knives, spoons and forks – all mixed up with a sauce of old checks, calendars or business cards. And in the wardrobe probably crumpled clothes are lying around, everything is full of chops, haphazardly, only miraculously without falling out.

Before you is a dramatic type that looks great, a person is bright and attractive, emotional, spontaneous and open. He pays a lot of attention to his appearance and how his house looks. Keyword – looks. In fact, it doesn’t matter to a person how well the household is organized, as long as it looks cool. It is easier for such a person to hide an old or broken thing than to deal with it once and for all. His flaw – the love of showing off and dislike for solving problems.

2. If repairs were done in the last century or never

Some are able to live in apartments with a “grandmother’s” decor for years: Soviet wallpapers, ancient headsets, a tap is leaking, whitewash is falling from the ceiling. They can even store things in boxes, so as not to spend money on the chest of drawers. Such a person often considers his apartment a temporary haven: he hopes to move soon, maybe even abroad, to take a mortgage … Or just waiting for his life to change in some way.

This may last for decades. Man does not live in the present, but hopes for the future, simply adjusting to inconvenience and forgetting about comfort. He is often unable to change something in his life, because it is much easier to adapt to circumstances. He has a dream, but there is no specific plan for its implementation. After all, he had long been accustomed to live in ruins.

3. If the workplace is like a landfill

An adult person will never allow himself such a thing, because he knows: order around is order in the head. So often the dust on the table, the cups with the remnants of tea or coffee, bits and scraps of paper indicate that an immature person with high self-esteem lives here.

On the other hand, such a mess can say that the owner of the table is a creative person who often gives out extraordinary ideas. But only if the owner of the mess is easily guided in it, finding what he needs, literally by touch.

4. If the sink is crammed with dirty dishes and the bin is full

And from the laundry basket stale socks and T-shirts are already falling out. Few people like to do household chores, especially since women in our country spend about four hours a day on them. But some people solve the problem quite radically: they wash the dishes, when there is no clean one left, they take out the garbage not to the container in the yard, but to the balcony, but start washing when the socks drawer is completely empty.

This is how a real procrastinator behaves at home. Be sure: he delays not only with cleaning, but with all other things, taking up work only when the deadline is already on the heels. Fighting laziness is the worst thing in his life.

5. If the apartment looks uninhabited

From furniture – a mattress on the floor or a sofa, a simple chest of drawers. From dishes – a cup and a plate. No photos on the walls or on the table, no house trinkets, no indoor plants. Sometimes even the curtains are not normal, but there is a roll-blind on velcro or something like that. In general, the apartment looks as if a person comes here only to spend the night.

For a student, such an environment is a common thing. But the older a person becomes, the more he wants to surround himself with comfort. If suddenly there is no craving for convenience, then we can say that the person has not matured, has not matured – he is waiting for someone who is truly adult to come and do everything well and comfortably.


6. If there are leftovers in the kitchen

The kitchen is the dirtiest place in the house. Yes, and not a toilet at all, as we used to think. After all, we bring a bunch of different bacteria from shops and markets to the kitchen. Therefore, the purity here should be given special attention. If there are scraps, bits on the table, dirty plates and cups everywhere, the plate is stained, it spoils not only the impression of the person, but also the energy of the house.

But it is not always a matter of laziness. Even the most lazy people still try to wipe the stove and throw the bits into the trash. If a person does not have enough strength and energy to clean the kitchen, this can be a sign of depression. The landlord may well feel that he does not deserve comfort, does not deserve cleanliness. It is important to try to pull yourself together. After all, the process of cleaning itself can help cope with the symptoms of depression.

7. If the bathroom looks abandoned

The ideal bathroom can be found, probably, only in advertising and in completely new apartments only after repair. But still we usually try to keep an eye on her: clean the bath, wipe the mirrors and sink.


If there are shower gels, shampoos, masks and oils, creams and good toothpaste in the bathroom, this means that the person takes care of himself. And if the sink is smeared with soap suds, and from the care products only a bottle of 8 gel in one, then the owner of the dwelling is at least under stress due to a chronic lack of time. And even in depression, and because he does not care what he looks like.

8. If there are too many things

There are such people-Plyushkin. It’s hard for them to part with their favorite things. All these services “for a special occasion”, which will never come, an ancient bicycle on the balcony, a broken umbrella and other useless things speak of a painful tendency to hoarding.

As the Brightside, such people are usually conservative, do not like changes, are afraid of them and resist with all their might. In the worst case, a syndrome can develop when a person begins to drag from the street into the house everything that seems to him in the slightest degree useful.


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