7 facts about Kinder Surprise that will surprise you

When chocolate eggs “Kinder Surprise” first appeared on the shelves, they’ve lined up a huge queue. And the first batch was sold in just over an hour. This was the beginning of the mania that has swept the world.

If all you know about these sweet chocolates, seriously and permanently seized the minds of children and adults. Here are 7 facts about kinder surprises, which you will be able to amaze and amuse.

1. The advent of kinder surprises we owe that Pietro Ferrero, the founder of the company, a major confectionery manufactures attended her son’s health.

Michele Ferrero since childhood did not love milk, and always refused to use this healthy drink. In this regard, he came up with a great idea: to publish a series of children’s confectionery with high milk content: up to 42%. So there was a series of “Kinder”.

2. Kinder surprises began producing in 1974.

3. Many toys are sprayed manually and collect from 6 to 500 dollars for particularly rare specimens.

4. “Kinder surprise” is prohibited for sale in the US, where according to the Federal act, 1938, it is impossible to put inedible objects in food.

5. Over 30 years of Kinder Surprise has sold 30 billion chocolate eggs.

7 facts about Kinder Surprise that will surprise you

6. Full range of products Ferrero for children is called “Kinder”. That is why the word “kinder” (kinder) is an integral part of the name of chocolate eggs. But the second part of the name, the word “surprise” is translated into its equivalent depending on the country where it is sold. Thus, the chocolate eggs of the Ferrero company called

  • in Germany – “Kinder Uberraschung”,
  • in Italy and Spain, “Kinder Sorpresa”,
  • in Portugal and Brazil — “Kinder Surpresa”,
  • in Sweden and Norway “Kinderoverraskelse”,
  • in England — “Kinder Surprise”.

7. In February 2007 an eBay collection of 90 thousand toys was sold for 30 thousand Euro.

Why are Kinder Eggs Illegal in the USA?

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