5 unexpected foods for weight loss



Already so many articles written about what foods promote weight loss that you hardly expect to learn something new. And for good reason! Nutritionists have called 5 products – very unexpected – which are simple, affordable and help to look young.

What is all this stuff?

1. Pickled vegetables

5 unexpected foods for weight loss

Scientists noticed that vinegar and acetic acid have the ability to prevent a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. Therefore, a person for a longer period retains a feeling of satiety. This does not mean you have to eat only pickled vegetables. Yet in many of them are rife with salt. Pickled vegetables are just desirable in your diet. And try to choose the unsalted versions.

2. Eggs

5 unexpected foods for weight loss

Eggs – this is probably the best option for a healthy breakfast. They contain a large number of essential nutrients easily assimilated by the body. Moreover, these substances are in balance, it is necessary for the human body.

Eggs contain 12 essential vitamins and almost all minerals. Lecithin that is included in eggs, enhances memory, nourishes the brain, prolongs longevity. Vitamin E slows the aging process, saves a woman’s beauty. Eggs enhance vision and heart, prevent cancer, strengthen bones and teeth.

3. Sardines

5 unexpected foods for weight loss

This product provides the body with a range of substances to maintain good form. By eating sardines person gets lean protein and unsaturated fat components (particularly omega-3s) that have a stimulating effect on metabolism. According to experts, the sardines will help to get rid of the excess fat accumulated on the waist.

Choosing sardines, give preference to sardines in oil.

4. Dark chocolate

5 unexpected foods for weight loss

That black chocolate is good, we have been told and called 5 reasons to eat it more often. This product contains substances-flavonols, which normalize the glucose uptake by body tissues, not allowing them to dramatically increase its content in the blood. Nutritionists recommend opting for chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70% and not more than 25 g per day (quarter tile). Then the effect would indeed be positive.

5. Hot red pepper

5 unexpected foods for weight loss

It contains a high concentration of capsaicin which helps to reduce the appetite and stimulate the metabolism.

In a recent study, researchers of the University of Vermont examined the 16 million Americans who for more than 18 years answered questions about food and taste preferences. During this period, about 5 thousand people died. It was found that those who ate a lot of red chili peppers, had 13% less likely to die during this period than those who did not eat. This corresponds to another study conducted in China, which came to the same conclusion.

Scientists believe that capsaicin can improve blood circulation, or even to change the composition of our gut flora for the better.


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