5 reasons to eat dark chocolate


Using diets and reducing the amount of sugar in our diet, we consciously give up everything that can theoretically harm the figure. And very wrongly forbid yourself to eat dark chocolate. But it contains little sugar, especially in comparison with the benefits that it brings. This amount is insignificant.

Source of fiber

There is a lot of fiber in chocolate: one bar can contain up to 11 grams of dietary fiber. They reduce the level of cholesterol, saturate the body and make it not feel hungry for a long time, contribute to the adjustment of digestion.

Reduces pressure

Flavonoids, which are found in large quantities in chocolate, are plant antioxidants that can reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Antioxidants also support the health of blood vessels by strengthening their walls and normalizing blood flow. The use of dark chocolate has a positive effect on the heart, reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Increases intelligence

Just a small cube of dark chocolate can improve performance if a person works intellectually. The brain performs tasks much more efficiently after scientists prove a chocolate snack-this.

Protects the skin

As an antioxidant, chocolate significantly reduces the harmful effects of sunlight on our skin. Due to vegetable fats, it also moisturizes the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles, and promotes collagen production.

Regulates mood

Thanks to the tryptophan contained in chocolate, serotonin is produced in the brain. As it is commonly called, the happiness hormone, a neurotransmitter, affects our mood, making us feel happier and more successful. Chocolate also relieves tension and short temper during the days of hormonal changes in women.

Be healthy!

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