5 foods that benefit only under one condition


“This is a useful product to buy!” – we think we walking between the rows at the supermarket in search of products that will be most useful for our body. And, as a rule, in our basket are milk, low-calorie yogurts, cereals bread, cereals. And, tired of shopping, the café will order one of the so popular smoothies.

But with these 5 products, everything is not so simple. They can be called useful only if one condition for each of them.

Whole wheat bread

In whole grains, which are contained in this bread there is lots of fiber and vitamin B. But, sometimes, multi cereal bread or wheat may not contain real whole grain. The difference between whole and processed grain is that the first contains all of the core and is really useful, and the cleaned grain has a fine texture and fills the product with useless calories. Therefore, if possible, ask the seller which grain bread was made of.


It is believed that muesli is the healthiest Breakfast which quickly saturates the body and makes it easy not to snack until dinner. Yes, granola really permanently blocks the feeling of hunger, but at what cost? The fact is that one tablespoon of such a “good” Breakfast contains a huge amount of calories and sugar, so cellulite is not exactly avoided. If you want complex carbohydrates, it is better to stick to the oatmeal with fruit and honey.

5 foods that benefit only under one condition

Yogurt – “no-fat”

To lose weight, we include in the diet foods with low-fat content. For example, the most popular in this question is low-calorie yogurt. However, if you try it, you will understand that the taste is a little different from the usual. Here is a secret: as a rule, low-calorie foods are very different in taste from the usual because they are much less sugar, so they are not sold. What marketers can allow that, so most manufacturers add to yogurt a huge number of flavors. Want a really useful yogurt – it’s better to prepare it yourself or carefully read the packaging, choosing products without sugar.


Experts say that if the milk is stored for more than two weeks – it generally has no useful properties. In addition, it contains antibiotics — they prolong his life. therefore, milk with a long shelf life is not worth buying.


Superfood smoothies are best done at home and independently because in restaurants they often add sugar, sweet high-calorie syrups, and other flavor enhancers. Besides, not everyone knows that smoothies don’t always have a beneficial effect on digestion: if you have problems with the stomach and idiosyncrasy of raw fruits and vegetables, this drink is contraindicated for you.

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