5 foods that are the easiest to digest


cooked fruits 

Cooked fruit is an ideal dessert option for people with sensitive digestion. Raw fruits are high in fiber, which can cause bloating in some people. And lightly stewed or baked fruits are digested quickly and without problems, since the fiber in them is already softened under the influence of temperature. The idea of ​​baking and frying fruit is several thousand years old. Even ancient Ayurvedic doctors recommended soothing too cold and wet doshas with warm food. Cooked fruits are an important part of the Vata and Pitta dosha diet. In the Russian climate, baked bananas, pears and apples will ideally fit into the diet in autumn and winter, when there is a catastrophic lack of heat, and one kind of raw fruit makes it cold. By the way, in the summer it can also be relevant at low temperatures outside the window. Cooked fruits also include sugar-free purees and canned fruits. If you feel discomfort after eating raw fruits, try cooking them and you will feel the difference. 

cooked vegetables 

Raw foodists are sure that with the slightest heat treatment, products become useless. The controversy continues, but for some people, cooked vegetables will be preferable to raw. Many vegetables contain coarse fiber. For example, broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, beets. In small quantities, crude fiber will only benefit. But if you overdo it, you can get serious discomfort in the abdomen, combined with heaviness. This is characteristic of the organisms of people who for many years ate soft and easy-to-digest food (boiled cereals, bread, dairy products), and then abruptly decided to improve their diet. At the same time, you should not immediately eat a head of cauliflower for lunch. It is better to stew it with spices and serve with hot sauce – so the vegetable is digested without problems.



Warm and well-cooked cereals are perfectly digested. The most useful cereals that do not contain gluten. These are buckwheat, millet, quinoa and wild rice. Combined with cooked vegetables, they turn into a hearty meal. Whole grain bread is also fairly easy to digest. It is best to choose the most healthy options without questionable vegetable oils, yeast and sugar. 

Goat milk products 

Goat milk products are the easiest to digest. The heaviest is cold cow’s milk. Protein molecules of goat’s milk are easily absorbed by our body. Cow’s milk itself is a foreign product, it is difficult to digest and forms mucus that comes out of us during illness (runny nose, cough – a consequence of love for store milk). 

Another thing is if you have access to fresh unpasteurized milk from a familiar cow that nibbles grass in a meadow rather than eating corn in a cramped barn. Such milk and products from it will be much more useful than any store-bought dairy products. If from any milk you have heaviness, drowsiness and skin rashes, it is better to take tests for lactose intolerance. It affects the majority of modern people. If intolerance is confirmed, the best solution would be to replace animal milk with vegetable milk. The most delicious options are rice, almond and coconut. 

Soft sauces and sweets 

In small amounts, sauces and treats are digested quite well. The main thing is to know the measure. A little jam with tea, marshmallows or honey will be a great end to a meal and will not burden digestion. You need very little of these foods to fill you up. A spoonful of honey with tea will be absorbed much better than a pound of cherries. It is better to eat cherries separately for a snack or for breakfast, so that fruit sugar does not ferment in the stomach with other foods. 

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