23 reasons to drastically cut your sugar intake

Sweet taste must be present in the diet. Even the ancient sages knew this: for example, both the Ayurveda system of “natural medicine” that emerged in India several thousand years ago, and traditional Chinese medicine certainly include sweet taste in a balanced diet. But even without this, we all know what great satisfaction we get from sweets. The trick is to balance flavors and sweeten foods and beverages in a healthy way.


However, refined sugar and traditional sweeteners will keep you from doing either. First, because sugar is addictive, which makes it incredibly difficult to balance consumption. Second, sugar is bad for your health, and it’s not just obesity. These “empty calories” do not provide any nutritional value and drain your energy. In addition, sugar is an excellent food for systemic infections caused by candida. If you are a sugar addict, you may have these mushrooms in your body. Rice University scientists ( University) calculated: 70% of Americans have this systemic fungal infection, potentially life-threatening.

And that’s not all. Here’s a more comprehensive list of the bad things that sugar does to our bodies:

  • nourishes candida,
  • accelerates the appearance of wrinkles and skin aging,
  • acidifies the body
  • can lead to osteoporosis,
  • causes tooth decay
  • increases blood sugar levels or, conversely, can cause hypoglycemia,
  • contributes to the development of diabetes,
  • addictive (much like drugs)
  • can provoke alcohol cravings,
  • supplies empty calories with no nutritional value,
  • promotes obesity,
  • deprives the body of minerals,
  • takes energy
  • provokes heart problems
  • increases the risk of cancer,
  • provokes ulcers
  • promotes the formation of gallstones,
  • causes “adrenaline fatigue”
  • suppresses the immune system
  • impairs vision,
  • accelerates the aging process,
  • can provoke the appearance of eczema,
  • can cause arthritis.

Make healthy and safe desserts! Try to give up sugar for at least a couple of weeks – and you will become more energetic and discover a lot of new bright flavors that natural foods are rich in. My Sugar Detox Program will help you reboot your body.


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