15 fascinating facts about pepper

There are over a thousand types of peppers globally, and on the hearing of all the fragrant, ground, Bulgarian, green, Chile. We need to learn a little more about pepper.

The Latin name of the pepper is Piper. There are about a thousand plants, which can be attributed to this genus. These are shrubs, and herbs, and vines.

At first, pepper is mentioned in the Indian book that is more than 3 thousand years old. India is the birthplace of pepper.

People brought black pepper to Europe around 600 years ago. The first pepper was very expensive, like gold.

15 fascinating facts about pepper

Wealthy merchants were called “bags of pepper.” And for the fake pepper in ancient times, there was a very severe punishment.

Pepper was not used only as currency; people also paid the fines with it. Residents of the French town of Beziers were fined three pounds of pepper for the loss of life of Viscount.

Black pepper is the fruit of a vine shrub that grows in East India and Indonesia. Its branches are weaved around the trees.

In ancient times, the conquerors took the pepper as a tribute from conquered peoples.

Ancient Rome paid the ruler of the Huns of Attila and the Visigoths Alaric I leader I, more than a ton of black pepper, to stop attacks on Rome.

Red pepper helped the Indians to fight back against Europeans during the conquest of America. When whites began to attack, the Indians poured on the embers red pepper, carried by the enemy’s wind.

15 fascinating facts about pepper

Word chili, translated from the Indian language NATL, means “red.” And this name has no relation to the country of the same name.

The pungency of sharp pepper gives the substance alkaloid capsaicin. In the dried fruits there is nearly 2% of it.

Regular consumption of chili pepper burns calories – add it in a small amount to the food.

Pepper contains vitamin A and C, minerals, proteins, and sugar.

They make medical plasters and warming ointments based on the peppers to improve digestion, blood circulation, and appetite.

Paprika is made from peppers – this is the mildest pepper.

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