10 ways to work-life balance

The proliferation of gadgets has given employers a reason to keep employees connected 24/7. With a situation like this, work-life balance seems like a pipe dream. However, people tend to live beyond the daily grind. Psychologists say that work-life balance has become even more desirable than money and prestige. Influencing an employer is difficult, but you can make some changes in your life to feel better.

Get out of touch

Turn off your smartphone and close your laptop, freeing yourself from a barrage of distracting messages. Harvard University research has shown that just a couple of hours a week without checking email and voice mail has a positive effect on the work situation. Participants in the experiment reported that they began to work more efficiently. Determine the part of the day that is the most “safe” to get out of reach, and make such breaks a rule.


Work can be exhausting if you give it your all from morning to night to meet the expectations of management. Make an effort and plan your work day with regular breaks. This can be done on an electronic calendar or the old-fashioned way on paper. Enough even 15-20 minutes a day, freed from work, family and social responsibilities, to perk up.

Just say “No”

It is impossible to refuse new responsibilities at work, but free time is a great value. Look at your leisure time and determine what enriches your life and what does not. Perhaps noisy picnics annoy you? Or is the position of chairman of the parent committee at school burdening you? It is necessary to distinguish between the concepts of “must do”, “can wait” and “you can live without it”.

Divide homework by day of the week

When a person spends all the time at work, a lot of household chores accumulate by the weekend. If possible, do some housework on weekdays so that you can relax on the weekends. It has been proven that the emotional state of people on weekends goes uphill. But for this you need to reset part of the routine so that you don’t feel like you are at a second job on the weekend.


The day cannot be more than 24 hours, but the existing time can become wider and less stressful. Meditation helps you set yourself up for a long period of work and experience less stress. Try meditating in the office and you’ll get the job done faster and go home earlier. In addition, you will make fewer mistakes and not waste time correcting them.

Get Help

Sometimes handing over your problems to someone for money means protecting you from overexertion. Pay for a range of services and enjoy your free time. Groceries are available for home delivery. At reasonable prices, you can hire people who will take care of some of your worries – from the selection of dog food and laundry, to paperwork.

Enable Creative

Depending on the foundations in the team and the specific situation, it makes sense to discuss your work schedule with the manager. It is best to immediately provide a ready-made version. For example, can you leave work a couple of hours early some days to pick up your kids from school in exchange for the same two hours of work from home in the evening.

Keep Active

Taking time out of your busy work schedule for exercise is not a luxury, but a time commitment. Sport not only relieves stress, but helps to feel more confident and effectively deal with family and work issues. Gym, running up the stairs, cycling to work are just a few ways to get moving.

listen to yourself

Pay attention to what time of the day you get the energy boost and when you feel tired and irritated. For this purpose, you can keep a diary of self-feelings. Knowing your schedule of rise and flourishing of forces, you can effectively plan your day. You won’t win more hours, but you won’t be doing difficult tasks when your energy is low.

Integration of work and personal life

Ask yourself, is your current position and career in line with your values, talents, and skills? Many sit out their working hours from 9 to 5. If you have a job that you burn, then you will be happy, and professional activity will become your life. The question of how to allocate space and time for yourself will disappear by itself. And rest time will arise without any extra effort.


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