10 Things Young Mothers Promise To Do And Don’t


Even at the stage before conception, looking at women with children, girls give themselves a bunch of vows, which, after the birth of a baby, turn into dust. And some even earlier.

Be active pregnant

Walk a lot, walk, breathe fresh air, eat right – no donuts with pickled cucumbers, only healthy food for the benefit of yourself and your future baby. Sounds like a song. In fact, it turns out that you get tired every 10 minutes, you can only walk a lot with short dashes from toilet to toilet, from the sight of fresh cherries you turn back and you want that very pickled cucumber, and even the mood jumps. And if you already have one (or more) baby in your arms, then you can completely forget about the ideal pregnancy.

Prepare for childbirth

Swimming pool, courses for pregnant women (where you must go without fail with the father of the unborn child), yoga, proper breathing, more positive emotions – and childbirth will go like clockwork. But the birth will go away as it goes. Of course, a lot depends on my mother, but not everything: it is impossible to control the process from start to finish. In addition, no woman knows in advance how she will behave in childbirth, if they are the first. So the ideal childbirth, like the ideal pregnancy, most often remains only in dreams.  

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Don’t drown in diapers

A dirty bun on the top of the head, bags under the eyes, a T-shirt stained with God knows what – do you think that this can be avoided if you just want to? Oh, if everything depended only on our desire. Mothers promise themselves not to drown in diapers, take care of themselves, do not forget about their husband, pay attention to him too. And when faced with internal pressure like “Do I do everything like this? What if I’m a bad mom? ”, It turns out that there is only enough time and energy for the child. The house, the husband, the young mother herself – everything turns out to be abandoned.

Sleep while the baby sleeps

This is the most common advice given to young mothers: do not get enough sleep at night – sleep during the day with your child. But mothers find themselves thousands of things that need to be redone during these hours: tidy up, wash the dishes, cook dinner, wash your hair, in the end. Lack of sleep is considered the most common problem for a reason. Sooner or later, it leads to maternal burnout and postpartum depression – it can occur six months after the birth of a child.

Don’t give your child cartoons

Until three years, no gadgets at all, and after – no more than half an hour a day. Wow … The zarok that many mothers break, barely having time to give it to themselves. Sometimes cartoons are really the only way to distract a child for at least half an hour, so that he does not hang on a skirt and whine without a break. There is nothing useful in this, but it is also not worth gnawing yourself excessively for such a sin. We are all human, we all need rest. And children are different – some are categorically not ready to give you at least five minutes of rest.

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Breastfeed for at least a year and a half

Many people do it. Some have even longer. And some people fail to establish breastfeeding. Here it is generally useless to reproach yourself. Because lactation certainly does not depend on our desire. Moreover, breastfeeding can be very painful and can cause psychological discomfort. In some situations, you shouldn’t breastfeed your baby at all. So what happened, then thank God.

Don’t yell at the baby

In no case should you raise your voice to the child – this, too, is promised to themselves by many. But imagine the situation: you are on a walk, and the baby suddenly snatches his palm out of your hand and rushes to the road. In such a situation, anyone will scream, and will also weigh a slap. Or the kid stubbornly does what you have forbidden over and over again. For example, he pulls snow into his mouth on the street. For the tenth time, the twitching nerves will surrender – it is difficult to resist screaming. And it is unlikely to succeed.

Play and read every day

One day you will find that you do not have the strength for this, everything went to work, home and other chores. Or that playing with a child in what he is interested in is unbearably boring. This will be incredibly embarrassing. And you will have to somehow find a balance: for example, play and read, but not every day. But at least in a good mood.

Show no bad mood

The child should see only a smile on the mother’s face. Only positive emotions, only optimism. Moms sincerely hope for this, but deep down they understand: it won’t work out that way. A person who never experiences anger, fear, fatigue, resentment and irritation is an ideal person in a vacuum. It does not exist. In addition, the child has to work out the experience of living negative emotions from somewhere. Where can I get it, if not from you? After all, mom is the main role model.

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Feed only wholesome food

Well … Until a certain moment it will work. And then the child will still get acquainted with sweets, chocolate, ice cream, fast food. And rest assured: he will love them. In addition, sometimes there is simply no time for cooking, but you can cook dumplings, sausages or fry nuggets. And sometimes the child will completely refuse to eat anything other than them. It is not worth demonizing fast food; it is necessary to systematically educate the correct eating behavior.

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