10 things men can do in the delivery room


1-Take care of the logistics

Where are your things? Handbag, suitcase, jackets, clothing birth ? Safe in a closed room or in your maternity room ? Is the car properly parked? Is your admission well registered? Ask your partner to handle the logistics. You are already breathing better.

2-Regulate your temperature

Depending on the temperature of the room but also on the strength of your contractions, you can be cold or hot. And this discomfort does not deserve to be endured. Your man can choose to: make you air with a magazine, refresh you with a atomizer, bring you an extra vest or blanket, ask to adjust the heating or air conditioning.

3-Distribute tenderness

Take your hand, kiss your neck, stroke your back, whatever, any sign of affection is worth gold in such a tense moment. Don’t hesitate to say so, because unkempt hair and flushed cheeks can make you think otherwise.

4-Communicate with the medical team

You may not have the time, the availability of mind, the confidence to express your needs at the time. Hence the interest of talking about your precise desires before childbirth with your spouse who will be the interpreter. This may relate to the position to give birth, the epidural, the first contacts with the baby …

5-Play as coaches

Walk by your side, breathe in rhythm, massage your lower back, encourage you, reassure you, bring you your lucky charm or put on music, but also keep loved ones informed (when going out to call) … Give your guide the role in which he will be the most effective, that of the sports coach!

6-stay in shape

No need for your coach to exhaust himself with the task if he is not whole at the time of birth! So make sure that your companion drinks and eats regularly, sits down in case of strong emotions, so when he needs air, does not suffer a bird’s eye view of your crotch which he did not want to do. precise moment…

7-Cut the cord

The majority of the teams propose to the father to cut the umbilical cord. This is a question to discuss together before the big day. The supporters feel very proud to have made this symbolic gesture.

8-Perform first aid

Depending on the case and the establishment, the new born has the right to some first aid: small toilet, dressing. The dad can be the one who takes these first steps in birth room.

9-Stay alert after birth

Remember to tell the father: you will need support after the baby in your arms. To endure pain, fears, fatigue. But also to get you back on your feet. A snack, a glass of water, a kiss, a hairbrush are not refused, Gentlemen! 

10-Immortalize the moment

Once the baby and mom are declared in good shape, dads can take out their cameras to take a few shots in the delivery room. No flash or cell phone of course. And don’t forget the threesome selfie that proves the daddy was there for real!

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