10 settings to improve health

Many of us know that we ourselves have the power to influence the state of our health. However, sometimes it is not easy to develop certain good habits. And here the so-called “settings” come to the rescue. Not being a panacea or a quick solution to the problem, the regular transformation of negative thoughts into positive ones, in other words, attitudes, not only improves mood, but also overall health. In addition, installations can reduce the degree of stress, and for whom is this not relevant today? choose the ones that resonate with your heart. Many people find it helpful to record their settings in writing, such as on a notepad, or in a visible place—in the car, on the refrigerator, etc. It is advisable to repeat the settings you indicated after getting up in the morning, when your mind has not yet had time to fully wake up and plunge into the worries of the current day. Examples of health settings: You can also write your attitudes in a positive format. Instead of “I want to be slim” try to phrase it like “I enjoy my beautiful and radiant body.” Whatever setting you choose for yourself, every time a negative reaction arises in your head, replace it with a positive setting. You will see in practice the effectiveness of this method of improving your health.

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