10 reasons to go vegan

1. Fur and leather are definitely not friends of vegetarians, because animals die in order to make someone feel warmer or more comfortable ..?! In a world where there are beautiful and, importantly, warm alternatives to outerwear without fur and shoes made of artificial leather, linen and cotton, which are also cheaper, the moral choice of every citizen of the planet Earth who thinks not only about himself should shift in favor of life.

2. Now only the lazy one does not argue about the benefits and harms of milk, but let’s talk about the facts. In the largest and global “Chinese study” by the American scientist Colin Campbell, it was proved that increasing the content of casein (milk protein) in the diet to 20% significantly increases the risk of cancer, while reducing it to 5% has exactly the opposite effect. .

3. Dairy products, like meat products, increase the level of “bad” cholesterol, clog arteries and increase the likelihood of all types of cardiovascular diseases.

4. What about the fact that cheese contains substances that cause addiction akin to drugs? And that is why even those who easily refuse other dairy products return to cheese again and again. But you don’t want to be caught in cheese, do you?

5. Ayurvedic teaching says that milk is “mucus”, and it is not shown to all constitutions (types of people). So, “kapha” dairy products are recommended to be excluded. And in the twentieth century, scientists have already proved that milk provokes the appearance of mucus in the body and contributes to the development of colds. And by the way, that is why during the SARS disease it is not advised to drink milk, it only increases the amount of mucus.

6. By the way, dairy products, contrary to popular belief, do not strengthen bones, they just wash calcium out of the bones and cause the development of osteoporosis. And according to studies, reducing the consumption of dairy products has a beneficial effect on the health of the musculoskeletal system.

7. Vegans also refuse eggs, because eggs are the same chicken that has not yet been born. Eating them, from the point of view of vegetarianism, is at least not ethical. You may argue that this is the main and most complete protein for athletes, but it can easily be replaced with plant-based protein. Look at vegan raw foodist, Olympic champion Alexei Voevoda or vegan ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek.

8. With the transition to a vegan diet, allergies that lasted for years go away. And it’s not just the lack of dairy products in the diet, although they do too! Your diet as a whole will become even healthier, because now you will not eat pizza, cakes and cakes, the basis of which is gluten, another significant allergen. After lactose, of course, which is number one on the list of the most common allergens in the world.

9. Dairy products from livestock farms contain many hormones and antibiotics that are fed to cows and goats. Not only is it inhumane, but it also directly affects our health, causing weakness, lowering immunity and adding another factor in accelerating the development of all kinds of diseases. The body weakens, becomes contaminated with toxins, becomes allergic and lethargic, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and other systems and organs worsens.

10. And yes, perhaps one more important reminder: by consuming dairy products, you still indirectly support the meat industry, because livestock farms often work on two fronts at once: both meat production and milk production. Animals are also treated badly, and they are forced not only to give milk intended for calves, but, in general, to “work hard”.

There are more than enough arguments in favor of veganism. This is a more useful and varied diet, and getting rid of many diseases in the present and preventing them in the future, and the ethical side, of course, because for the production of fur coats and skin, animals are also forced to die. The choice is yours, friends!

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