10 interesting facts about olive oil


Olive oil is beneficial and nutritious, contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. This oil boosts the immune system, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and the heart works better. It reduces cholesterol levels in the blood and slows down the aging process.

Here are a few little-known facts about olive oil.

Olive oil has been known since ancient times.

The first bottle of this product appeared in the Third Millennium BC in Crete. Olive oil can be considered as one of the first achievements of human civilization. Ancient producers were very attentive to the process: the Romans indicated each bottle weight, the name of the farm, the data about the seller, and the official who confirmed the quality of the oil.

10 interesting facts about olive oil

Olive oil as a symbol of success

Olive oil symbolizes fertility, wealth, good luck, and success. Even in dream books, dream olive oil is interpreted as a good sign – problem-solving and good health.

Price of olive oil

Olive oil is of a lot of types. And all because of the production of olive oil, which is a very consuming process. The production of one liter of olive oil of the highest quality requires about 1380 olives that are harvested by hand.

10 interesting facts about olive oil

Olive oil in the beauty industry

Olive oil is considered a beauty product due to its high content of antioxidants and vitamin E to moisturize the skin, improve the complexion, rejuvenate, and normalize internal organs’ work. In Ancient Greece, women used olive oil as a facial,  for body and hair.

Olive oil is good even for the smallest.

Olive oil can be used even at an early age. The fatty acids of the oil are similar in composition to fats from breast milk. Olive oil of the highest quality helps the formation of bone, nervous system, and brain. With the introduction of solid foods, you can start giving oil to, baby starting with a few drops.

10 interesting facts about olive oil

Olive oil to taste

There are over 700 varieties of olives grown in different countries, with different climates and growing conditions. That is why there can be no universal taste of oil, it can be sweet, and bitter, and sour as well.

The olive tree lives for hundreds of years.

On average, the olive tree lives for about 500 years. There are long-livers, which are about 1500 years. According to some sources, the olive tree on the Olive Mount in Jerusalem is more than 2000. The olive tree is considered the winter one, even though it grows in hot countries. The harvest of the trees is harvested from November to March.

10 interesting facts about olive oil

Olive oil slows the aging process.

Olive oil has the effect of anti-age. If you use it regularly, it stimulates the regeneration of cells and ensures a better appearance. The composition of olive oil contains antioxidants that fight free radicals that weaken the human immune system.

Olive oil is the prevention of cancer.

Olive oil is one of the effective means for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It lowers cholesterol and breaks atherosclerotic plaque. As a source of omega-3 fats, olive oil helps neutralize harmful fats and is supplied to our body from other foods. Olive oil slows cancer cells’ growth and helps reduce the risk of breast cancer by 45%.

The color of olives is a signal about the quality.

The shade of the olives depends on many factors: the growing region growing conditions, yield. But their color can tell a lot about the quality of the product. Olive oil unnaturally grey and yellow shades speak of dubious origin, and the Golden color indicates the high quality of the product.

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