10 incredibly surprising facts about caffeine


We are faced with caffeine regardless of whether we like coffee or not. Caffeine is present in tea and chocolate, and drinks and desserts. Not every caffeinated product invigorating as coffee, tonic, or tea enhances the mood like chocolate. And here are some interesting facts about caffeine.

Coffee beans were first accidentally discovered by goats.

There is a legend that a herder Kaldi from Ethiopia noticed the invigorating effect of coffee on goats who ate strange red berries and came in emotion. Shepherd also tasted the berries and felt invigorated. He took the berries to a monastery, but the Abbot did not like the idea to taste the berries, and he threw them into the fire. Berries smoldered and gave off an unpleasant smell. They tried to trample and threw the ashes into the water. A few days later, to get a drink. I tried it, and the night prayers, to assess coffee’s effect did not want to sleep. Since then, the monks began to brew coffee and carried this idea into the world.

Caffeine is contained not only in coffee or tea.

Caffeine can be found in cocoa beans, tea, and mate fruit guarana.

Caffeine in tea is more than In coffee.

We drink coffee much stronger, so the concentration of caffeine in it is much higher. The tea also contains substances that slow the absorption of caffeine.

10 incredibly surprising facts about caffeine

Caffeine acts immediately

After drinking a coffee cup, the invigorating effect will come only after half an hour, and in the first 20 minutes, the opposite effect takes place; it is likely to be sleepy. The effect of caffeine occurs within a maximum of 6 hours.

Caffeine can be smoked.

Caffeine can be consumed through the respiratory tract, but it is fraught with heart failure.

Caffeine can be an allergen.

Allergy is expressed in insomnia and tremor. Some people develop an intolerance to caffeine, even in small doses. A fatal overdose of caffeine is 70 cups of coffee at a time.

Caffeine is addictive

Based on the Global Drug Survey study, caffeine takes 4th place among the most consumed drugs. The first three prizes were alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana.

10 incredibly surprising facts about caffeine

The first caffeinated drink of European hot chocolate, not coffee, as is commonly believed.

By as much as 50 years, chocolate has overtaken coffee as it drank in the Spanish aristocrats.

Caffeine is being sold in pure form.

Companies that produce decaffeinated coffee did not want to lose profit and dump the caffeine in its pure form. They built a business on selling caffeine industries that manufacture energy drinks.

Roasting coffee affects the level of caffeine.

The more you roast coffee, the less caffeine it has and the less pronounced and intense taste. So lovers of delicious coffee can drink it, as it seems from the outside, endlessly.

For more facts about the coffee, watch the video below:

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