10 benefits of green clay on your body


Known for centuries in traditional medicines, green clay is the first element to heal minor wounds. It also helps fight digestive problems.

More and more in vogue, you can find green clay in organic food stores, pharmacies and other places.

Its growing popularity stems from studies conducted on the benefits of green clay for the human body.

Short story

Green clay comes from ash resulting from volcanic eruptions. In France, green clay was first discovered in Montmorillon.

In the United States, green clay is harvested at Fort Benton in the state of Montana. In this region you have a lot of volcanoes.

Nowadays, green clay is collected all over the place, from volcanic areas.

The composition

Your green clay is made up of specific minerals such as silicate. Silicates are salts derived from silica.

Green clay also contains sodium, aluminum, calcium and potassium. It contains other nutrients in small amounts (1).

The benefits of green clay

For detox cures

Your body is always exposed to toxins, through the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe.

In addition to these vital needs that expose us to toxins on a daily basis, modern life exposes us even more.

Whether through the use of detergents, computer waves, telephones and other electronic gadgets. It goes without saying that toxins store up in the body faster than they did 2 centuries ago.

Faced with the impossibility of 100% control of your exposure to toxins that promote free radicals in the body, it is important to take detox cures.

Detox cures eliminate toxins from your body and therefore reduce the risk of disease and premature aging.


Green clay is an essential element for detoxes. When it comes into contact with toxins in the water, it destroys the toxins.

Just like clay sucks up water, it also sucks up toxins in the places where it is applied.

It is important to put it in water, to allow it to release as much as possible the beneficial effects of its multiple minerals.


You can put it in a little mineral water and drink it. You can also put it in your baths to flush toxins from your skin.

The multiple minerals and nutrients contained in green clay act in depth at the level of the epidermis.

Against digestive problems

Green clay is a solution to suck and drain bacteria that infect your digestive system through the stool.


In case of diarrhea, clay is very often recommended. It not only helps stop diarrhea, but it sucks up the germs responsible for diarrhea.

Through its multiple minerals, green clay restores the balance of your digestive system.

10 benefits of green clay on your body
Green clay

For a beautiful and soft skin

Pour a ½ cup or more (depending on your needs) in your bath. Immerse yourself in it for 20-30 minutes. This green clay bath will soften your skin and eliminate toxins.

In some African and Indian cultures, women make clay masks all over their bodies a few weeks before their wedding.

These masks not only give a beautiful glow to the bride’s skin, but they make her skin soft and silky to the touch.

Against insect bites, light burns

To combat insect bites, use a little green clay with water (as a poultice) and apply the solution to the infected part of the skin.

Let the green clay dry completely, then remove it. This prevents redness and swelling due to bites, but also stimulates a rapid healing of the part.

In case of light burns, you can apply a little green clay as a poultice on the part. Let it dry before removing it.

For face masks

Green clay is very often used for face masks because of the multiple benefits it provides to our face.

Green clay is more suitable for oily skin because it sucks oil from the skin as well as toxins. It softens the skin and allows better oxygenation.

For acne, try green clay masks. It also helps to remove dead skin.

If you have dry skin, use green clay once a week because too much green clay will make your skin drier. Opt for moisturizing oils after your mask to maintain the balance of the skin on your face.

For mouthwashes

The mouth is the seat of many bacteria. No matter how much you brush, additional actions must be taken to preserve oral balance.

Using foods that destroy bad bacteria and promote good bacteria is essential for maintaining good oral hygiene.

Green clay by phagocytizing bad bacteria helps maintain good oral hygiene. It also gives good breath.

Before brushing, use half a teaspoon of green clay in 2 tablespoons of water. Stir and use this solution for your mouthwash.

Keep the solution 30-60 seconds in your mouth to allow the green clay to work. Then rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. You will have fresher breath.

Green clay absorbs molecules. This allows bacteria, fungi, dead cells and bad odors to be sucked up.

Against sprains

Green clay can help you relieve pain (2).

Pour ¼ cup of green clay in a little mineral water. Stir with a wooden spatula. Check the texture, it should not be too heavy or too runny.

Apply your solution to the affected part and cover it with a cotton cloth. Let stand 1-2 hours. When the clay has completely dried, remove it.

An antibacterial

Buy quality green clay, it has anti bacterial properties.

Green clay is sometimes used in rural areas in Côte d’Ivoire to treat buruli ulcer. It must be said that buruli ulcer is difficult to cure with pharmaceutical foods.

Green clay has been used as a poultice with medicinal plants. It is following this traditional treatment that Line Brunet de Courssou wrote a report to the WHO on the cure of buruli ulcer with green clay (3).

Indeed various tests have been carried out between different types of green clay and their effects on bacteria.

The study concluded that some green clays had antibacterial effects, they destroyed bacteria while other types of green clay even though they were similar to 1ers had no effect on bacteria.

So use quality green clay to treat wounds, scratches.

Alkalinization of your body

The consumption of multiple foods such as butter, meat, sugar, fruit juices sold create acidity in your body.

However, a healthy organism should be slightly alkaline. When our skin is dirty or our hair is dirty, we wash it right away to make it clean.

But when the inside of the body is stuffed with toxins, acidity, the only way to tell is to pay attention to the signs. You always feel tired, you have joint problems, migraines, anxiety.

To cleanse the body, you need to consume alkaline foods that will restore your body’s acid-base balance. The acidity of your body can be revealed to you by the pH test of your urine. Also consider alkaline water.

One of the important effects of green clay in the digestive system is its alkalizing power. The clay water cure is a good method to deeply alkalize your body.

Pour two teaspoons of clay into a glass of water and drink. Do the cure 2 to 4 times a week. The most important thing is to do it regularly over 2-3 weeks to allow a good detox of your system.

For the beauty of your hair

You can use green clay to fight against excess sebum in the hair. For an in-depth treatment, here is a recipe.

You will need (4):

  • ½ cup of green clay
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil
  • 1 tablespoon castor oil
  • 3 tablespoons of water
  • 5 tablespoons of cider vinegar


In a bowl, pour your green clay. Then add the coconut, almond and castor oils. Mix them well for a perfect incorporation.

Then add the apple cider vinegar. Mix and let stand for about 10 minutes. Add water at the end of the standing time and stir everything.

Divide your hair into four. Apply the solution to your scalp. Avoid the ends of the hair, otherwise they will break.

If the clay begins to dry before you finish applying all over the head, wet (water) the hair with your spray bottle.

When you have applied all over the head, massage the scalp well and cover your head with plastic. Keep the mask on for about 1 hour.

Rinse with lukewarm lemon water to allow the clay to peel off more easily.

Do this mask a little before your bath. It will be easier for you to get all the clay out during the bath.

Hair effects

This recipe is for all hair types. Green clay helps fight against excess sebum, thus sucking up the fat.

The oils cover several benefits for your hair. They allow to deeply nourish the hair and rehydrate it.

Apple cider vinegar is also important for fighting dandruff and hair infections.

Your hair will be more resistant, hydrated and silky. Applied regularly, it promotes hair growth. I strongly advise you to do this mask. You will appreciate it.

10 benefits of green clay on your body
Green clay powder

For aches and pains

If you suffer from back pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, consider using a little green clay on the area. In fact green clay has an anti inflammatory effect.

Against nausea and vomiting

White or green clay greatly limits nausea and vomiting. They also limit profuse salivation.

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Side effects of green clay

Green clay has a dehydrating effect. When you apply it as a mask, be sure to apply a moisturizing cream or oil after rinsing or to balance your skin.

This is especially valid for dry skin.

When you take green clay orally, remember to drink plenty of water as it also dehydrates you.

Green clay taken orally is a source of constipation. Drink enough water and consume foods high in fiber and natural laxatives.


Applied internally or externally, green clay penetrates the tissues to capture bacteria, fungi and other causes of evil.

It has a restorative action. Green clay prevents the proliferation of germs. It is especially effective against wounds.

The multiple benefits of green clay make it an increasingly essential element; whether it is for your hair, your teeth, the beauty of your skin or for internal use.

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